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  • Final Project Health and Wellness Program

    Well... here is goes. I am developing a health and wellness program to prevent and reverse metabolic syndrome.

    Here is my program's mission statement... would like to know what you think and if you have any suggestions!

    Mission Statement
    Metabolic Syndrome: Prevent and Reverse is a program that replaces conventional wisdom (low-fat, low-calorie) with a evidence-based life-changing approach to prevent or reverse the risk factors that collectively define metabolic syndrome. We aim to re-educate the public about what proper nutrition is and how it prevents and reverses metabolic syndrome without the use of prescription drugs and ineffective diets. By using this approach to prevent and reverse metabolic syndrome we hope to open the eyes of the medical community to re-think their approach and treatment of metabolic syndrome. We also aim to support ethical farmers by educating consumers about the health benefits of consuming grass-fed, organic, and cage-free meats.

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    Love your project! 2 years ago I moved from SAD to eating well and am the slimmest and healthiest I've ever been. I feel so sorry for the people who are following CW advice and not getting well.
    Starting Weight: 197.5
    Current Weight: 123
    Far healthier!