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  • cider??

    Husband has given up beer, but he does like a strong cider (absolutely not sweet, the real artisan stuff). Would that be a PB ok drink?? If not - he's on the red wine when he drinks I guess, which he does like - but I know in the Summer cold pints will tempt him so wondered??

    Ta peeps

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    If he's not looking to lose weight, I don't see why not. It's just fermented fruit juice, if he's drinking the real deal. I drink it!
    I don't own a scale and don't care to!


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      Yeah, I'd say the same. It all depends on whether he's trying to lose weight. If not, go for it. If so, I'd limit even red wine to the occasional glass until he's where he wants to be. But yeah, straight cider is just fruit juice with attitude. Mark is where he wants to be weight-wise and he has the occasional grain-based beer.


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        Thanks guys. He does want to lose weight, but every once in a while - and I'm talking once a month - he feels like a pint and this seems a good alternative, in case grain makes him feel bad or somehow "upsets the applecart" Get it?

        anyhow, thanks, he'll be looking forwards to a cold cider in the summer now.


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          Yeah, if it's just an occasional thing - hey - 80/20 is part of the PB for a reason. He should still lose weight.