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Food Choice Question(s) for all of you "Primal Pro's"

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  • Food Choice Question(s) for all of you "Primal Pro's"

    I am relatively new to the lifestyle and love it so far. I have lost 25lbs in my first 5 1/2 weeks and feel good in the process. I was given the book by a buddy of mine who has eaten this way for 2 years and he sold me on the concept. After and during reading the book I knew this way of life would fit me.
    Before I ask my question, please understand that I was a horrible eater. Anything fatty and high carb I, cheeseburgers, chocolate, etc...I believe i have done so well because in most cases I still feel like I am cheating so it just hasn't been that hard.
    I am in the process of reading the book for the second time now because in all honesty, I skipped around inititially just so I could get started...Now I am really doing my best to learn and understand everything.

    As a (soon to be) former fatty, I was wondering what other types of meats are acceptable. I have pretty much lived on sirloin, bacon and hard boiled eggs up to this point but I am in need of some new options. I will never be the guy eating liver and brains so please don't throw those at me. I read a lot of posts on here and never hear anyone talking about 100% beef hot dogs, or ham, or turkey...I know some people are moderately ok with ground beef. Obviously these are not the best of the best options but for a guy like me, are they options?

    I hope this makes sense....Thanks

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    I eat a lot of fish, too. At least twice a month I smoke a couple lbs of salmon. Plus, my brothers and I do a bit of fishing for Red Fish in the gulf, so my freezer is almost always stocked with this fantastic, flaky white fish.

    I would think that Grok might have eaten his share of fish...
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      Most types of good quality meats are fine. Opt for grass-fed/pastured if you can. I use ground meats (beef, bison, chicken, pork, etc.) and happily eat poultry, pork, game meats, lamb, and whatever other meat sounds tasty, which is most of it, really. You want to be careful of cured meats because of the additives, but there's a lot more to primal meat choices than just beef and bacon!
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        Pork is all right -- chops, roasts, etc. Chicken thighs and breasts with the skin on.

        Brains and liver are two different things to me. I haven't tried brains and can't say that I won't ever try them. But I love liver and you should give it a shot.
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          Any good quality meat/fish/poultry. Nitrate/sugar free hotdogs are okay. Gotta watch deli meats, but Boars Head makes an All Natural brand of ham/turkey/beef I like for occasional convenience needs.
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            I guess I'm lucky in that anything I buy from a particular butcher shop in town is guaranteed to be Primal -- grass-fed, local, organic, free-ranged, etc. They even sell milk, eggs and butter there, which rules because I think it's the only place in town to get pastured butter!

            As others have said, you can go with any meat you like. Just source it first!
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              BTW - you said you liked cheeseburgers. We still have burgers in our house on a regular basis, just without the bun. We either wrap in romaine lettuce leaves or just eat on top of a pile of fresh spinach or other salad greens. Last night, we had burgers (no cheese since we're cutting some dairy right now) on a bed of fresh spinach with carmelized onions and mushrooms on top, and I made some sweet potato chips in the oven to go with them. Nom nom nom. Hubby was still raving about it this morning.

              As for what other types of meat to eat, you've already received some great advice, but one other perspective that I follow is that I watch the sales. If pot roast is on sale, we have pot roast, and sometimes I buy an extra one to go in the freezer. If whole chickens are on sale, I roast a couple and the extra meat gets eaten within a few days or goes in baggies in the freezer for future meals. That helps us manage our budget.


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                You can still eat pizza, hamburgers, and chocolate! There are several recipes floating around here for Primal Pizza crust. I know the recipe on, when made with eggplant (haven't tried the zucchini option yet), actually crunches like toasted French bread. That is a mouthfeel I hadn't had in a very long time, so it is pure heaven. If I didn't load it sky high with toppings, it would be stiff/firm enough to eat with hands only. There is also a cauliflower recipe over in the recipe room. Believe me, we are far from suffering and sacrificing around here....
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                  I think turkey and ham don't get talked about much because there are (to my tastes) much yummier options. As long as it's real food and not something that's been processed to hell and back it's all good.


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                    In my opinion, if it's honest to goodness meat, it's fair game! My favorites include chicken, fish, and shell fish. We eat a lot of them during the week, and enjoy beef and pork on the weekends (those are usually more complicated dishes anyway, which I leave to hubby. He likes to cook too)
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                      Roasted chicken thighs and legs are amazing!!! Get a turkey breast and cook it in a crock pot or roast one in the oven. You could even go for the whole bird if you want. Ground beef is a great thing, especially when mixed with a good homemade tomato sauce. I also make burgers and have a sunny side up egg on top with bacon and sometimes cheese if you so chose. You do have a lot of options here. Read through the forums, people post recipes all the time here. Also, if you like taco salad, eat the salad without tortilla chips and its just as filling!


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                        Red meat is actually the healthiest, despite what you've been told your whole life. It has the lowest levels of omega 6, which is inflammatory. Fish also has very low levels of omega 6. Pork is after these two, and chicken is probably last. That doesn't mean it's unhealthy, but given the choice between chicken and steak, steak is probably better, not to mention tastier.

                        I would highly recommend Dr. Harris' Paleonu blog if you're looking to learn more.


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                          Originally posted by grokka View Post
                          Red meat is actually the healthiest, despite what you've been told your whole life. ...snip...
                          I also prefer that, being a larger animal, one death sustains me for longer.


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                            In my freezer at the moment:

                            Chicken breasts, thighs, drumsticks
                            Ground beef (much of it made into taco meat and various such things)
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                              Any meat will do! Buy grassfed/pasture meats if possible.

                              My diet is center around red meat (partly because it has less omega 6, and partly because there something about a nice juicy rib eye steak that just take you to "cloud 9" ): Grassfed/Grainfed beef, 100% grassfed Lamb/Goat, and grainfed bison. I enjoy Pork, Chicken, Turkey, and Fatty seafood now and then.

                              Have you every tried a whole Cornish game hen? I love those little cuties! They are so small that you can eat a whole chicken by your yourself, and let your inner beast come out! LOL!