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  • Cholesterol Again!

    When I did low carb in the past my cholesterol was slightly elevated.
    When my doctor does his annual blood test I reduce fat intake in the 4 weeks leading up to the blood test. I also take over the counter products to lower my cholesterol: Cholest-Off and Red Rice Yeast (which is a natural statin). I do this just so I don't need to put up with nagging about cholesterol. That was back in June.

    Now I am applying for individual health insurance and the company wants me to do the cholesterol tests again (even though back in June my cholesterol was 182).

    My question: Is there a better way to beat the cholesterol test?
    For instance what about a 2 or 3 day fast instead of the typical 12 hour fast?

    When I have fasted in the past more than 12 hours I would drink diluted grape juice (50% juice / 50% water). Would that be Ok or would it boost my triglycerides too high?
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    Straight up.....don't even ALLOW your doctor to bother with a standard Cholesterol test. On a Primal diet, your Cholesterol numbers are going to look like crap to any uneducated doctor (90% of them).

    You need to specifically request the VAP test, which is done primarily by Atherotech in California.

    I honestly don't know if your insurance company will accept the results of a requested test like the VAP.....but it would be your best bet, because LDL cholesterol is always high on a Primal or other high fat diet. The thing is that high LDL number mean NOTHING unless you know the individual numbers of the two LDL sub-particle sizes. The VAP test will take that into account and give you an accurate representation of your heart disease risk.....which will automatically be low, given the lowered triglycerides and raised HDL numbers thanks to the Primal diet.

    Outside of that, I don't know anything about temporarily lowering your LDL just to "beat" a test I'm afraid. sorry. :-)

    More info on Cholesterol here:


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      Insurance companies are totally inflexible--some clerk with a list of numbers makes the decisions--so if you were able to 'beat the test' with what you did last time, I'd do it again.


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        The fast seems like a good idea, but I don't know about the grape juice