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My Diet Mt. Dew Addiction

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  • My Diet Mt. Dew Addiction

    I am doing pretty good in my food choices, have started moving slowly and lifting heavy things regularly, so now it's time to conquer my Diet Mt. Dew addiction. I drink so much of it daily that I don't even want to admit here how much.

    But how? I live on the caffeine. In the past I have tried Red Bull drinks and they don't even phase me, so apparently I am very wired all the time.

    My biggest problem is what to drink first thing in the morning. Water makes me feel nauseated first thing in the morning. I like iced tea - if it's sweetened. One of the reasons I want to give up the Dew is because of artificial sweetners. Would adding a bit of sugar or honey to my tea be better than sticking with the Dews?

    So, do I grin and bear it through caffeine withdrawals? The last time I tried it was awful. Do I take some of those caffeine loaded energy pills to get me past the phase of giving up the Dew, then give up the caffeine pills? And what do I drink in the mornings that won't make me feel ill? I like coconut milk, so maybe that? Sigh. This is worse than quitting smoking!

    Thanks for any input.

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    Why even post this? You know you need to beat your caffeine addiction. Do it
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      Try GT's kombucha. It's slightly sparkling, full of probiotics (which you likely need) and has a bit of caffeine. Try to stick to the original--not very sweet, but it will help you kick the habit sooner if you avoid sugar/fruit juice, etc.

      Alternatively coffee or hot tea with heavy cream will give you the caffeine hit without the sugar.
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        Personally, I think that there is nothing wrong with a little caffeine. Black Coffee or green tea would be a good substitute for the diet soda. I get a lot of caffeine in my pre-workout drink, but if I don't get that I'll drink coffee, otherwise the withdrawals set in. If you want to ween yourself off the caffeine and avoid the head-aches, you could drop the soda completely, and get some caffeine pills, so that you could gently ramp yourself down to nothing over the course of a week or so.


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          Sugar could potentially aggravate cravings and withdrawal. What I would do is drink something (if it must be a drink) with cream or coconut milk. I also hate drinking water first thing in the morning, but I'm fine with a more substantial drink and it makes eating more comfortable too. You're used to drinking something sweet in the morning but I just don't think that replacing it with a new poison is going to do any good.


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            Peril - I posted this in hopes that perhaps someone here had been through this, or as the other two who replied, had some helpful suggestions. I thought that was the purpose of these forums?


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              I'm starting to notice a whole lot of snobbery in this forum, and it's not a good thing.

              Mark himself says that he drink a cup of coffee with sugar in it, every morning.

              I like's my friend. I'm 34, and I have 7.5% bodyfat with a 275lb 1 rep max bench if anyone can tell me that caffeine is hurting me in some way, I'll stop using it too. :-)


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                Thanks to everyone for their suggestions!


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                  i think a lot of the appeal of soda (at least for me) is the bubbly-ness. i found sparkling water/club soda to be a passable replacement; i just mix it with a little pomegranate or cranberry juice to make it taste better, and maybe tea would be good, too if you're worried about the sugar - but i haven't tried it. i guess that won't help much with the caffeine, sounds like you already know that caffeine is fine. good, strong coffee with coconut milk is delish!


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                    Is it the caffeine, the sweets, or both that you want to give up? If it was me, I'd tackle one problem at a time. In my mind, craving sweets is a much bigger problem than being hooked on caffeine so I'd try switching to coffee or tea with no sweetener. Whipping cream in either is highly recommended.

                    I'm sensitive to caffeine and go through withdrawal when I don't have it. It sucks bad. Coffee is a much bigger problem for me in that regard. Tea is also easier on my stomach and a slower more gentle hit. Since you're acclimated to Mt Dew, you might want to go for coffee. Double strength. Then if you want you can switch to regular coffee, then tea and then reduce that until you're free.



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                      I reduced my coffee intake ... lots of times. And it always crept back up. So I bit the bullet and gave it up cold turkey Christmas Eve. I had a headache for about three days, missed that hot drink like crazy for a month (and hot herbal tea just isn't the same).

                      I had a really bad day at work a couple of weeks ago, so I had about 3/4 cup of coffee, topped up with decaf in the morning, and another 1/2 cup after lunch - and it buzzed me. Left me twitchy. That's the first time I have ever noticed an effect from caffeine or coffee - lesson learned.

                      After almost 40 years of sucking it down, in greater or lesser quantities, it's been an experience giving it up. But I no longer need an alarm to wake me up - I sleep better, and I wake up naturally about 15 minutes or so before my alarm. I figure it'll take my adrenals 3-6 months to fully recover - if they ever do. But this is better.

                      It just wasn't easy.


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                        Caffeine is my friend too, I actually have a pretty beautiful relationship with it, haha. When I have a cup of coffee, my mind just enters this state of flow, I'm relaxed and alert at once, physically and mentally. I have coffee or black tea three or four times each week. But there's an ugly side to caffeine too. Just an example, my dad gets a splitting headache if he doesn't have one or two cups of coffee in the morning. I see a problem with that. There's a huuuuuge variety in people's response to caffeine, and the poster's case may necessitate just not having it. I think the best solution would probably be weaning, since withdrawal can get really miserable and inconvenient, and you'd be able to see whether it's not just the frequency and dosage that's causing problems.


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                          Yeah, I get the splitting headache. For two weeks.

                          I've given up giving it up and just drink tea now. For some reason it doesn't hook me nearly as bad as coffee, even at the same caffeine levels. Strange.



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                            I did the Whole 30 in December in order to kick my severe Diet Pepsi habit. I also loved having a DP right after I got off the treadmill in the morning and this was the hardest time for me.

                            It took about 3 days to get past the headaches and I used Advil when they got bad.

                            My go to drinks were/are flavored seltzer water, water with lemon/lime juice, and flavored teas. Some of the tea was caffeinated.

                            Harder to deal with was the habit of reaching for DP at certain times or during certain activities. I made sure I had a substitute during those times.

                            I would not add sugar as a stop gap measure. IMO, that is just trading one addictive substance for another. I would rather see you decrease the number of diet sodas you were consuming each day.


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                              My main reason for wanting to give it up is because of the artificial ingredients, mainly the artificial sweetner. I am probably equally "addicted" to the taste (bubbly sweetness) and the caffeine. I don't like coffee, so the only alternative to getting my caffeine fix will be tea (which I like iced, not hot, and sweet!). I think I am going to try to gradually wean myself. In addition to more water and some sparkling water, I may start drinking sweetened tea when I really want the sweet caffeine hit, then when I get the Dews completely gone work on getting the sweet out of the tea. I think the morning "wake up" of Dew will be the hardest so that will probably be the last to go! Thanks for all the ideas!