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  • scratchy throat

    I've noticed whenever I eat coconut oil whether it is in my coffee or cooked in my meal I get a scratchy and irritated throat. Anyone else have this problem? Or solution? I don't want to give up coconut oil but I also need my voice for work and an irritated throat does not help.

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    it could be a food sensitivity. Have to chime in here, bec. I have a sensitivity to coconut; showed up on my allergy tests and I was bummed. I love coconut. First, maybe try switching brands to something organic and less processed (if you haven't already). Or try coconut milk instead of oil. If it persists, ditch the coconut for awhile. My doctor recommended leaving the foods I reacted to out of my diet for three months, then reintroducing them.


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      I do use a organic coconut oil. Is there something I can switch it with? I know olive oil is not best for cooking. And I love coconut oil in my coffee! I don't eat dairy.


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        I've been drinking my coffee black. Used a dairy-free all-unnatural flavored creamer for awhile, but I actually like it this way now!


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          Raw beets can also have an effect on your throat.