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Stimulant in Wheat?!

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  • Stimulant in Wheat?!

    So, I've been experimenting with adding some grains back into my diet. I started with a little rice once a week or so. No biggie.

    The other day I had a piece of wheat bread with dinner. That night I couldn't sleep very well at all. The next day I had more energy than I usually do. Then after not eating any wheat for a couple days I got the same withdrawal symptoms I usually experience with coffee and chocolate. Stiff back of the neck, mild migraine and dizziness.

    This doesn't happen with rice or other grains.

    Can anyone confirm my suspicions? Does wheat contain some sort of stimulant similar to effects of caffeine or theobromine?

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    My guess would be that you got a massive jolt of sugar (and a correspondingly large dose of insulin) and that the excess sugar was responsible for your extra energy.
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      In they mention that wheat gets digested to opiods.


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        What PatrickF said. Apart from the big glucose spike you get from wheat, it also contains opiods which result in the withdrawal you experienced.


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          Any gluten containing food affects me like that. After eating it is restless legs, racings heart, can't sleep etc. Four days later I get soreness all over my body. I just put it down to my body going "OMG! Gluten alert!" lol.
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            Originally posted by Steve-O View Post
            So, I've been experimenting with adding some grains back into my diet.
            Originally posted by runnergal
            You just didn't define Healthy Whole Grains properly. Many steak recipes refer to cutting "against the grain" when slicing. Therefore beef has grains. If you eat everything on your plate, you have eaten the whole thing. Eating an entire steak is eating healthy whole grains.


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              why? +1


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                rice I can understand, but why would you willingly ingest wheat?


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                  Chris Masterjohn has talked about the fermented breads (sourdough, rye, pumpernickel), so I decided to try it out. I can't eat fruit or lactose, and no carb isn't really working for me. I can handle smaller sweet potatoes probably because cooking them breaks down the sugar enough, but eating them every day gets to be too much. Forget regular potatoes. I crash less than an hour after eating them, and they disturb my IBS something fierce--probably the alkaloids from being a nightshade. I crash the same way with rice.

                  Honestly, in terms of providing a sustained even energy, small amount of bread is best for me. The down side with bread is that it also has those inflammatory side effects similar to horsewoman.

                  So, I'm trying to figure out if this energy is really coming from the carbs, or is it coming from some other chemical? I'm also trying to figure out if what's providing the energy is also causing the inflammation. If I can separate the energy from the inflammation, that would be great!


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                    I would just leave the bread alone entirely if I were you. Sourdough is still made with wheat flour....which is processed.....and even if the lectins have been fermented out, it still turns to sugar in the same way normal bread does.

                    As for the stimulant's a sugar high....simple as that.


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                      Casein does that to me - makes my heart race.

                      Gluten (in wheat) made me exhausted. I'm severely intolerant, though...

                      After a year of researching, I can tell you without a doubt, that our current-day wheat is toxic. If you are going to give up one thing, wheat would be it.