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Who else hasn't lost this week?

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  • Who else hasn't lost this week?

    I'm a bit annoyed because I haven't lost weight this week. However, and this before you all jump on me , I have read in another thread your soothing advice that this is for life and not to sweat over a week! Pretty right guys, I'm in this for the long haul and just have to stay on track and motivated. Feel great, lots of energy and sleeping like a log.

    I lost loads over past 2 weeks (14lbs) and this week nada. Guess my body needs time to catch up too ? I'll keep exercising and eating well. Took a look at fitday - I'm in the 1,500 cal region with 44%fat, 41% protein and 15% carbs from veg. Any comments?

    I'm 5ft 3 ,female,and currently weigh 163lbs down from 177lbs.

    I'm cutting the milk in my tea, that might help.

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    Cut back on the carbs some, and if all else fails IF
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      If you've just gone primal, the first week or two is a LOT of water weight, usually. It's easy to get excited about the initial *whoosh* of "weight" loss and then frustrated when you "stall."...which isn't a stall, you've just dumped the majority of water you can lose and you're back to having to lose actual weight/fat to see the scale move.

      Just keep on keepin' will happen.
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        Fat? Yes. Weight? Don't necessarily wanna.

        My waist is looking more like a waist these days, though.
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          Someone posted a great thread about how she lost fat but her weight stayed the same. The pictures were striking -- size 8 to a size 2.

          I didn't lose any weight this week but I'm not worried about it. Probably just going to ditch the scale. It's just not a great measure of body fat. I started out at 231 on January 4 and dropped to 217/219 as of a few days ago and it stalled. However, all of my stuff fits way better. My bench press is up to 225 and still going up. I can do two pullups as opposed to 0.

          I think in the past that's been my problem -- if I wasn't losing weight fast enough I would drop calories way too low. This time around I want to focus on overall health, weight lifting, and fitness. Not 'weight' loss. I mean, the quickest way I know to lose 'weight' would be to cut off an appendage, but that isn't progress.

          Best of luck.


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            Originally posted by cavemanj View Post
            Someone posted a great thread about how she lost fat but her weight stayed the same. The pictures were striking -- size 8 to a size 2.
            ... and here it is. Pay attention, this may be the best bit of advice you get around here.
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              Originally posted by NourishedEm View Post
              ... and here it is. Pay attention, this may be the best bit of advice you get around here.
              I think you meant this:


              That's the thread!

              My second year of law school I lost a good bit of fat from biking around town and (although I didn't know it at the time) eating a semi-primal diet. I remember the same thing -- my weight only fluctuated by about 15lbs but people were like "damn dude you look like you lost 40lbs!"
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                Doh! Forgot to delete the duplicated Http! I fixed it now. Thanks
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                  Just trust that your body is working on something. I have plateaued for the last couple of weeks in the inches department (I don't own a scale so I don't know about the weight right now). But other awesome things are going on though. My feet are getting stronger and my balance is improving, my left hip is loosening up and starting to move freely, general flexibility has improved, and upper body and core strength have improved. So my body is improving in noticeable ways, it just doesn't happen to be at my waist line. I'm ok with that.


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                    Thanks people, great to hear your point of view. I will definitely be focusing on the overall picture of inches, fitness, clothing size etc. I hate the scales in fact. It's so hard to break out of 'the mould' when you've been doing diets off and on for years and watching the scales. I'm treating this as a lifestyle change, as it should be.


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                      I couldn't tell you if I've lost "weight" this week. I only get on the scale 1x a month. I now go by measurements, how many pushups, pullups I can do, how I feel, and are my clothes getting looser... and they are... since I started 1 Nov - I've gone from a size 14 to a loose fitting size 12 (I don't need to un button them to get them on -includes jeans as well) to a snug 10 (I just bougth 3 pairs of size 10 pants at old navy for $10/each)

                      like so many say - ditch the scale, go by measurements, and how your clothes fit, and how strong your getting doing the 5 essential movements....

                      And so you know BATTY Fracking rocks!
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                        Primal weightloss comes in swooshes followed by stalls as the brain decides whether you are starving or not. I find if I have a bigger cut of meat, with plenty of fat, maybe some nuts, I move on. My weightloss graph looks like stairs with some treads wider Than others. Like you said, think long haul.
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                          Ignore the scale. It doesn't discriminate between fat, water or muscle. You can be heavier from water or muscle. You may have lost fat. You just don't know.

                          Track your progress on the primal blueprint fitness plan. When you go from 5 wall push ups to 50 normal, I bet you will look better. Also tracking your fitness progression gives you something to obsess for motivation.
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                            I haven't checked my weight in a while, but my pants aren't any tighter and I'm getting stronger.
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                              Step away from the scale.