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Pastured chicken and soy beans?

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  • Pastured chicken and soy beans?

    I've had a tough time finding pastured chickens close by at a reasonable price. I'm joining a CSA that gets chickens from someone for a good price. I asked what they were fed other than being on pastured and he responded with, "Our roasting birds are out on pasture as soon as they are big enough to get out of the brooder. They are on grass day and night since we only raise them from late spring to early fall. They do get a feed mix of corn, barley, soybeans and minerals that are grown on our farm and they can choose as much as they want to eat of the grass or feed. Our laying chickens also go out on pasture every day, though they go inside a henhouse at night to protect them from predators. They also get a feed mix of the same grains and minerals."

    Is it an issue that they can eat soybeans if they want to or is it something I shouldn't be all that concerned about?
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    Anyone happen to know?


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      I wouldn't worry about it unless it's your main protein source and even then it may just warrant some further research. The chickens we get are pastured but are "knocked down" with flax.

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        If you have the time I would ask to visit the farm and see for yourself. If they are truly free roaming I would assume they would forgo much of the feed in favor of the grass. If it is the best you can find I wouldn't worry too much, as just having access to grass is light-years ahead of most chickens sold in this country.