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  • Sick and need advice!

    I have been Primal for 5 weeks and just got sick a few days ago for the first time in like 3 years. I think it is a bad cold and sore throat but I am feeling very weak. Does anyone have any suggestions for Primal Foods to make me well faster? My boyfriend, who is not Primal, thought maybe I should eat a whole grain, i.e brown rice or something to replenish my glycogen for wellness but I do not want to have any grains. What Primal foods do you guys have when you get sick that help besides needing to go make homemade soup for two hours and shop for the ingredients at the store? Don't feel well enough to leave the house today!

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    I would fast.
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      My go-to when I'm sick is a baked sweet potato with lots of butter. Get some healthy carbs, vitamins, and fats.


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        I got ready-made organic chicken & beef broth from the store when I was sick recently. That hit the spot. After a few days when I was feeling more normal, I ate scrambled eggs w/ cheese. I didn't eat many veggies then because they just didn't sound good, but I did manage to avoid grains.


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          I make some chicken bone broth soup with ginger and a squeeze of lime or lemon. It does the trick for me every time. Add in some extra vitamin D supplement with good sleep and you will kick that cold in no time.
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            My go-to for an immunity boost & to help my system out is Bolthouse Farms C-Boost Juice. It's all natural, has a full serving of fruit in each cup, and 1200% vitamin c. I can read & recognize all the ingredients on the label, and it tastes pretty darn good. It's pretty carby, but helps me get my fluids in when I'm down & out. I have a really hard time doing water when I'm sick, so I hunt down healthy alternatives. They sell C-Boost here at Walmart & all of my health stores.
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              You need Vitamin D3, 10,000 IU Daily Gelltabs. Then get your blood tested for 25(oh)D in 3 months to adjust dosage per my notes below.



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                Thank you guys for all of your suggestions. You rock!!!