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what form and brand stevia do you use?

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  • what form and brand stevia do you use?

    I am getting back on using stevia. In the past I have used stevita powder and liked it. What brand do you like and do you prefer powder or liquid?

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    I stay away from the liquid extract due to the alcohol added. I like to use the pure ground leaf from companies like Navitas and Planetary Herbals. The white powdered stevia and various extracts are treated with chemicals and bleached, so the green stevia leaf is much better IMO.


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      I use New Roots stevia concentrate powder (Stevia Rebaudiana). Works great and there is nothing added to it. I found it tricky in the beginning as this is highly concentrated. If you wanted a 1/2 tsp of regular sugar it would be generally be about a 1/2 tsp.


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        I use SweetLeaf Stevia Extract (powder)...just a tiny bit is plenty and one container (around $8) lasts me a year.
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          I buy the liquid which comes in a bottle with a dropper at Whole Foods. I don't use it that much but find that it is easier to mix into other foods without getting a grainy texture.
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