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  • New to this, looking for some input

    So I stumbled across this website after looking at the Anabolic Diet for awhile, and I've started basing my eating habits around what's presented here.

    A bit about me first:

    6'6" 270lbs, 18yo, my scale says I'm at about 33%bf, I've attached a picture to this post.

    I've been lifting and doing HIIT cardio for about 6 months now, with a decent increase in muscle and strength, however I've lost little fat, and maintained the same weight, with muscle taking the place of where the fat is. Most of the fat I have to lose is around my stomach and chest, I have a little under my jowls too.

    I have a few questions about starting the PB, which I'm mainly looking to use to lose fat.

    1. Am I expected to gain weight from all the fat intake until I enter ketosis?

    2. Is cheese really that bad (other than caloric content)? I'm talking about aged cheddar cheese and such, Boar's Head in particular, which has effectively no sugar and no carbs. I've never had a problem with lactose intolerance.

    3. I've been worried about not getting enough fat in my diet (which is why I asked about cheese). I've also been trying to keep the carbs under 30g, to speed up the ketosis (am I wrong about this). Also, I've been supplementing with Fisol twice a day, which has 250mg of Omega-3, along with some other things, however I don't have the bottle handy at the moment.

    Diet for the past two days:

    Day 1:

    -6 scrambled eggs with onions and cheese, protein shake (water, 1 scoop of ON whey)

    -Salad with bacon, ham, turkey, cheese and ranch dressing (2g of carbs, no sugar)

    -4oz of aged cheddar cheese

    -Stir-fry, ground beef with red onions and cheese

    Day 2: (didn't feel as hungry today, so I didn't eat as much. Is this okay?)

    -Protein shake (water, 1 scoop of ON whey)

    -4 oz of aged cheddar cheese

    -Salad with turkey breast, parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing

    -Baked some muffins with almond meal and raspberries, had two of these

    Any comments on my diet?

    And the picture (viewer discretion is advised, as I'm not in good shape):

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    Unfortunately nothing is clear cut, but from learning about low carb and paleo for almost a year I can tell you:

    Cut the cheese for fat loss. It is not the carbs in them that is the problem and who knows if they will affect you personally, but low carb people seem to break plateaus by cutting all dairy. (i.e. we don't know the mechanism of why it might prevent weight loss)

    Almonds and nuts in general might also make fat loss hard. A lot of people are not affected, some say it is the carbs that add up, some say the omega-6 fats, etc.

    Don't expect to loose a ton of weight right away, but you should shed about 5 to ten pounds of water in the first two weeks (I only hold onto 2 or 3 pounds of water when eating carbs but I am half the size of you), along with a little bit of fat. Full ketosis happens within days. You shouldn't gain weight. Keto-adapted is another thing which means that you don't waste them in your urine (this can take months) and isn't really applicable to weight loss.

    Most low carb dieters loose about 5-7 pounds of pure fat a month. So it might take a while and don't be discouraged if you loose as much as you wanted. You have to learn your body and make adjustments. Make sure you love what you are eating and aren't hungry. Eat when you are hungry, don't when you aren't.

    Your carb count sounds good.

    Yes, eat more fat and lower the protein. You don't actually need that much to build muscle.

    Buy fatty cuts of meat and cook everything in lard or tallow (or coconut oil). When you make eggs add extra yolks and cook in fat, cook veggies in fat, dip bacon in it's fat... YuMmm!

    Ditch the protein shakes unless you really like them and eat real food. Coconut milk, raw egg yolk, and vanilla is a good substitute for me (on occasion).

    The less carbs you eat the better you will feel. Try going carnivore for a few days or fasting after you work out.

    And nah, you don't look that bad. Keep it up for real and you'll look amazing in a short time!