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    So CBC is broadcasting Supersize Me again. They get some funding from the CDN government otherwise they probably wouldn't broadcast it.

    I can't imagine doing his experiment. It is no wonder he ended up sick after 30 days of eating nutrionally void food like substances.

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    Watch Fat Head. You might be surprised.


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      I've heard about Fathead and how Spurlock's stuff was bogus.

      I didn't totally agree with that though because while the fat and meat isn't the problem Spurlock wasn't just eating that. He was filling up on refined carbs ie buns, sodas and sugary ice creams.

      I agree that sat fat is fine but he wasn't getting any omega 3 or likely and MUFA's at Rotten Ronnies and we need those too. There is likely enough sodium in one meal at Rotten Ronnies to more than meet our daily needs.

      I love beef but I couldn't eat their beef. Just the color of it is enough to turn me off. I also couldn't eat prefab hamburger patties.


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        Oh and please don't get me wrong. I just watch it for cheap entertainment. You know the non decomposable fries and the theme song Super size super size the American way...

        And how the group of people couldn't recite the Pledge of Allegiance but knew the Big Mac jingle word for word!
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          Supersize Me was bad enough, but then I watched Food Inc and it talks about all the processing McDonalds does on their "beef" and I thought, holy crap that guy from Supersize Me ingested all THAT??? Suddenly it was even more disgusting than it originally seemed.
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            I thought Food Inc. was well done. Hopefully it opened the eyes of some people about what really goes on with the food supply.

            It is amazing that that US beef packing plant puts ammonia in their prefab burgers to kill the e coli etc and doesn't have to include it in the list of ingredients because it is a processing agent. Doesn't that make you want an industrial beef patty?!