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Non-primal weekend recovery

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  • Non-primal weekend recovery

    I was on the road for the weekend and did the best I could to eat primal, got about 90%, but with that being said, something set me off. My stomach is super bloated and I am very constipated. How do I reset? Fast for a few hours tomorrow? Low protein and stick with fat and light veggies?

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    Wait until your bloated stomach and constipation turn into poop and problem is solved. Drink plenty of water, don't fast, and if necessary try a fiber supplement like benefiber or make something with a good wallop of coconut flour.

    Just to clarify, you don't need to "hard reset" your body, just guide it back to normal and you'll feel much better than trying to flick a switch.

    I also can't imagine having to take a massive dump feels good while also feeling hunger from a fast.
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      plenty of water , or fasting for a day or coconut oil and a spoonful or 2 of coconut flour helps big time