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What are you eating during the Super Bowl?

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  • What are you eating during the Super Bowl?

    Applegate Salami
    Comte cheese (made from raw milk)
    kalamata and green olives

    I bought strawberries, also, but haven't had any.

    What about you??

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    Super Bowl? Huh?

    I'm eating guacamole with a fork right now.
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      Yum... I was going to have some avocado, too, but I ate too much salami and cheese and now I'm full.


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          Not watching the Bowl, but I had a bowl of jumbo shrimp seared in coconut oil just so nobody could call me a humbug.


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            Wings, chili, fruit with whipped cream cheese.

            I'm not watching either.


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              2 perfectly baked trout, heads and all.

              I think I need eggs now.


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                Appetizer: carrots & celery with a yogurt dip (was supposed to be sour cream, but we ran out of sour cream with the chili) that is delicious - just greek yogurt & salt/pepper/oregano/basil/paprika & lemon juice.

                Main dish: chili w/ ground beef & buffalo & tomatoes & green peppers & onions (& liver! don't tell 'em!) (mine is without beans; I put theirs on the side, but they're made from dried), sour cream, cheese.

                Dessert: Grapefruit & Larabars.
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                  Not watching, but am eating like I'm watching! Guacamole with a few chips, jalapeno-cheese-bacon sliders (premade at Whole Foods and shockingly good), sauteed zucchini, and some roasted nopales.

                  Also, I keep texting my ex-primal buddy, and heckling him because he's on NUTRISYSTEM. "So, what'd nutrisystem send you for the superbowl? Is there any bacon in that?"


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                    Carrots, celery, cheese crisps and vegetable chips, for dipping in beef taco dip or buffalo chicken dip.

                    Homemade pizza with cauliflower crust.

                    72% dark chocolate.


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                      I'm not watching it either (blech) but I just had a tuna/chopped egg salad in a bowl. Now I am stuffed.


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                        Well I *was* going to marinate some flank steak to fry up and eat with sauerkraut, but my mom got Hungry Howie's :C of course I could not resist the buttery garlicness and cheesiness of the Hungry Howie's. And then I was like nom nomph and ate some chips and salsa. Oh well, better than the mountains of ice cream and white chocolate I ate yesterday :S


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                          I have it on but not watching much... I am making a zucchini/onion hash with lots of coconut oil and ground turkey burger and oven roasted parsnip and beets. Maybe a bacon wrapped date for dessert.
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                            This is a thread about stuffing one's face while sitting on one's ass, watching other people engage in explosive physical activity on one's television set.
                            You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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                              Originally posted by Grumpy Caveman View Post
                              This is a thread about stuffing one's face while sitting on one's ass, watching other people engage in explosive physical activity on one's television set.
                              I imagine Grok spent many an evening in this exact same way.