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How many carbs constitute a rush?

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  • How many carbs constitute a rush?

    I understand how carbs trigger insulin release in order to reduce blood sugar by moving glucose into the cells. However, I don't think I've ever seen a number put on the amount of carbs it takes to spike blood sugar sufficiently to release a detrimental quantity of insulin and/or promote bodyfat gain.

    My meals tend to come in from 10-30 carbs, depending on whether a large salad is involved. A couple times a week, I enjoy a banana with almond butter, which is about 35 carbs. Does that sound okay, or is it too many carbs at once?

    My total carbs daily run about 110, I have a lot of muscle, and I'm not trying to lose weight.

    Whatcha think?

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    I think that it depends, of course, on the person. However my best guess would come from Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution. He states that to keep blood sugars at healthy levels, one must consume no more than 6 carbohydrates in the morning, 12 each lunch and dinner, and a few at snacks. His recommendations are for long term (i,e. if a type2 is cured of diabetes, then they continue the same regimen to stay healthy and lower their overall insulin levels since low insulin levels are correlated with low incidence of heart disease and inflammation, among other things). I think that his wisdom, therefore can be applied to non-diabetics as well.

    Disclaimer: I haven't read Dr. Bernstein's book yet, but it is next on my list.. I am having trouble getting it from the library.

    Another thought: A lot of doctors toot different levels they think are healthy, so maybe the best way to determine for you is to get a A1c level test to see what your blood glucose levels have been for the last 2-3 months. Most doctors' reference ranges might be on the higher side of healthy, though.

    I should do more research on this... if you look into this let me know what you find out!

    I personally believe less than 30/day for a small woman and less than 45/day for a large man is ideal... with adequate meal spacing, but I am always learning.

    Hope this helps!


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      kl, I think that's pretty valid.

      Yet just tonight whilst researching anti-imflammatory diets, Dr. Weil talks of HUNDREDS of carbs a day....... Not as a problem, but as a goal.


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        I wouldn't beat yourself up over a banana. It's not like you're chowing down a whole pizza followed by garlic bread and an ice cream sundae.

        110 grams is in the maintenance range, according to this: so you're good.

        If you're worried about how much of an effect the banana has, ask yourself how you feel afterwards. Do you feel odd, sleepy, or anything other than optimal? If you feel normal, you're fine.


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          As I understand it the following factors can affect the rate of carb absorption (& resultant insulin release)

          - fat: more fat, slower absorption

          - protein: more protein, slower absorption

          - fibre: more fibre, slower absorption

          - The type of sugar ingested: fructose intake releases less insulin (than glucose)

          - Metabolic state: your body is generally more responsive after post workouts

          generally, it doesn't matter unless you are talking about ridiculous quantities like 10 bananas or a dairy queen shake


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            I had a bowl of raisin bran w/ whole milk last night. The first of either in many months. It was comfort food, per my recent posting about less PB and taking care of myself during this time.

            Damned good!


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              Mmmm....I loved raisin bran, but it always made my throat sore (my own personal indicator of too much sugar).