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gastrointestinal distress from coconut oil or coconut milk

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  • gastrointestinal distress from coconut oil or coconut milk

    For those of us who experience the above do you find, from your experience that coconut oil or does coconut milk cause less distress on your GI system? Any other tips on what foods do take it with that would offset some of this distress? I find that both bother me but am trying to fine tune it and reduce the quantity to alleviate my GI discomfort.

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    Neither coconut oil nor coconut milk bother me at all


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      I think coconut oil gets my gut moving much more effectively than coconut milk. But neither causes what I would categorize as "distress".

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        Yes. I tried to link it to other things but coconut oil definitely gives me distress. coconut milk seems fine.
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          On a scale from worst to least (worst being oh-my-god-my-belly's-about-to-burst,let's-not-leave-the-vicinity-of-the-bathroom......please-just-let-me-die-now)

          Coconut oil
          coconut milk
          whole coconut
          creamed coconut
          desiccated coconut

          I used to be fine with whole and creamed coconut, but seem to have become MORE sensitive.
          Can I ask why you want to eat soemthing that disagrees with you?


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            I would say the coconut products help me to be more regular, and for that I'm grateful. No troubles beyond that.
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              When I first started using coconut cream in a protein shake, I used to find that my bowels would immediately say oh wow, need to go! Over time that reduced in intensity. Not a problem at all now. You just dont want to over do it