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A cheat, and a consequence

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  • A cheat, and a consequence

    I'm coming down with a cold and have a terribly scratchy, sore throat. Ice cream just sounded so good. I enjoyed it thoroughly! But, shortly after I finished, I began experiencing a muscle twitch near my right knee. I hadn't thought about it, but when it started up I realized that even though muscle twitches used to be commonplace for me, I haven't had one in many weeks, probably not since a couple days after I went primal. Until tonight. (I'd let myself have a small cheat prior to today, but it was of grain and not sugar. The ice cream was an all-out sugar binge.)

    Three hours later, and I still have this twitch. It's not painful, but it is annoying.

    Lesson learned: cheats do not come free!

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    it sounds like you know your body really well! that's lucky, i think it's a lot harder when you don't feel the consequences of your "cheat". it gives you a little more motivation to stick to eating well when you know you'll regret it later. (Pavlov's dog, yeah?)

    you should make your own ice cream! then you can at least cut down on the sugar. i don't have a recipe for you, but homemade ice cream is something i've always wanted to try, and i know there have been posts about it before...


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      Yes, the consequences are the best part of the "cheat" because you quickly realize that the momentary pleasure isn't worth the discomfort. For me, any grain results in a feeling like I swallowed a bowling bowl --> increased heart rate --> heartburn --> lots of gas!

      It's funny, no matter how good something non-primal may sound once in a while, it's never as satisfying as any primal meal I eat day-to-day.


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        I get serious PAIN from 'charley horses' anytime I have a sugar indulgence, and that alone often keeps me away from sugar!

        By the way, I'm an ice cream lover, and I found a terrific substitute. Get some bananas, peel, and freeze them (I use little zip lock bags). When you feel a need for ice cream, simply blend the bananas (add some cinnemon if you like it). They get a consistency that is exactly like ice cream, and you'd swear you were eating ice cream.

        OK--bananas are sugar, too, and I normally don't eat any fruit for that reason. But I find this concoction doesn't affect me negatively as any commercial dessert does. And it's also a rare indulgence; something I have perhaps once in 6 months.


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          Or if you have an icecream maker (you can find them at thrift shops or garage sales for $5) you can blend those bananas together with coconut milk and a splash of vanilla or cinnamon or orange zest or... You get the picture. Chill the mixture and then run it in the icecream maker.


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            This is my very first post. I'm new here. But, primal eating is almost natural to me (where my body has sent me).

            The frozen bananas (or mangoes or whatever soft fruit you prefer) through my juicer with the blank plate is like a heavenly ice cream treat. I used to SOMETIMES make my own soy yogurt (I know soy is a no no, but some say fermented it doesn't affect the thyroid so much...who knows). But, I'd mix the soy yogurt with the banana puree and freeze it for a nice "ice cream" treat. You could put them into popsicle molds for a really fun treat

            Look forward to learning and sharing more here!


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              Thanks for the homemade ice cream ideas. My throat is still incredibly painful, so I just may give it a try today.