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allergic to berries. now what?

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  • allergic to berries. now what?

    I haven't posted here in ages.
    I've been eating primal since Nov. In January I eliminated completely potatoes and ANY fruit other than berries. I admit I didn't exercise (my schedule was so crazy that when I did have some time I had to choose between catching up on sleep or exercising and since I was lacking get the picture). Anyhow....I've heard that everybody lost some weight just by eating primal. I've lost half a pound in 3 months. That's it. Then last week I had a food allergy test done and I found out I'm allergic to berries (and casein so no cheese for me anymore, or greek yogurt). So... could this be why I didn't lose weight although I was eating primal for so long? there anybody on this forum who just doesn't eat fruit at all? If so....teach me how to do that, cause this will be harder for me than giving up grains and potatoes and sugar and everything else. I would like to try not to eat fruit for at least 6 months because the test also showed a mild sensitivity to Candida and I should avoid fructose, mushroom, and other yeast causing things.

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    for me, the difficulty would be not having something "refreshing" or "sweet" at the end of my meal. too much savory or spice without something to sweeten it up at the end is tough for me.

    one of my strategies is to use herbs. pineapple mint is a favorite of mine, and it goes beautifully in the following salad: avocado, red bell pepper (organic ones are "sweeter"), fennel bulb, jicama (optional), and pineapple mint leaves. i like to use a very light dressing of avocado oil and white wine vinegar (seriously, just a hint), and let it marinade a bit. it's very refreshing. You could also just chew a few of the leaves or make a nice iced tea with it.

    if you discover or decide you can eat fruit again, just choose something low-glycemic without a lot of carbs. certain melons, cherries, rhubarb, and some others would work nicely.