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PUFAs in spices?

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  • PUFAs in spices?

    I use a lot of ground cumin and occasionally whole celery seeds. NutritionData says that per serving, these spices have far less omega 6 linoleic acid/total PUFA than other common culinary seeds like poppy seeds. So, how bad is it to cook with seed spices, and is oxidative damage something to worry about? I could eat cumin with just about every meal and never get tired of it.

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    How many pounds a week do you eat? If it's less than one, you probably don't have problem.



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      It's probably better than not using spices. Spices carry a huge amount of protective stuff in them in addition to the PUFAs, they can even protect meat thats grilled with spices:


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        Seriously, spices are consumed in such small quantities (even the ones you use daily) that the PUFA profile is going to have almost no impact. I wouldn't worry about it.
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          mmmm i love cumin seed too! i honestly wouldn't worry about it, there's probably more PUFAs in salmon than in spices/seeds.
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            It's not like PUFA's are the worst thing in the world, It's the balance. If you're eating primal, you shouldn't have to worry.