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Protein Shake w/Coconut Oil

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  • Protein Shake w/Coconut Oil

    So, I've been reading more and more about the beneficial effects of coconut oil, speeding up metabolism, boosting weight loss, etc. I'm thinking I'll do the LeanGains IF approach, and then break the fast with a chocolate protein shake with coconut oil (2 Tb). I've read that 4 Tb seems to be the most suggested amount, so 2 Tb in a shake, and 2 later on veggies or something should take care of it!

    My question is, how do I mix the shake where the oil won't solify or get gross? My current thinking is...1 cup chocolate protein powder (only 3g of CHO, I think), 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk (I figured this would work better than water???), and 2 Tb of coconut oil. Does anyone have any better suggestions? From the recipes I've found online, all include bananas or other fruits, etc, and I'm trying to keep the carbs down.



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    Use half an avocado. :]


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      You could add in some almond butter, I use that a lot to make things smooth and creamy.
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        Almond milk rules over water in a protein shake - Ive been wondering how to get coconut oil in too. You could melt it but as soon as it hits the cold almond milk it should re-solidify right?
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          Use coconut milk or coconut cream instead of coconut oil. It does not solidify. It also mixes quite nicely with almond milk.
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            I use Genuine Health's vanilla whey protein isolate sweetened with stevia and 3/4 cup (about 33g fat) coconut milk.

            Sometimes I add a Tbsp of cocoa to it.



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              chocolate + coconut milk = DELICIOUS!

              unsweetened almond milk, or coconut milk. Take that route
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                A little addicting. I add a little stevia concentrate powder to it.


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                  I agree with the coconut milk+choc protein = yummy! I use it as my fast breaker also. Or sometimes as PWO.


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                    It dose solidify, but the blender chops it up so fine you wont notice it - well at least I don't- depending what else you have in there.
                    It can be a little 'grainy' at times, but I just think of it as a mutilated 'Bounty' bar.


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                      Sometimes if all I'm eating for a meal is a quick blender shake, I'll microwave a couple tablespoons of coconut oil before putting it in the blender.

                      2 tablespoons coco oil
                      blueberries, strawberries to taste
                      2 scoops primal fuel
                      8 - 12oz almond milk
                      a spoonful of almond butter

                      It's a heavy shake and will pretty much be a sludge (or ice cream if you use frozen berries) so just keep adding water or almond milk until it's where you want it. I like my shakes heavy if it's going to be a full grab-n-go meal.