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A Day of "Up Yers!"

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  • A Day of "Up Yers!"

    It's my bday. Well, okay... yesterday technically was, but tonight's the actual gathering and celebration. I'm eatin' cake and Chinese food and drinkin' til I don't make no sense no more. No rice, but not because I give a shit (today). I'm not eating rice because I ate so goddamn much in China a few years ago that I'm pretty sick of it.

    Bring on the carbs and crappy feeling tomorrow! Time to indulge in the generosity of friends. Sometimes being Primal means not fucking up your friends' day by saying "Oh, I can't eat X, Y or Z...". Sometimes it means saying "Fuck yeah! Bring it on!" and knowing that it won't divert you and that a day (if that) will turn around any such minuscule damage, if it's even that. I'm a river, not a creek. This tiny stone of an evening has zero effect. Consider that!

    Okay, I'm off to order and pick up some gong bao ji ding, qiezi and other lovely wonders. (And no, I don't consider this my "20%." The concept of 20% can suck it. I hate the idea -- stupid excuses. I'm completely cognizant of my non-Primal'ness today and I'm exulting in it.)

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    I have a new site up and will soon be blogging at The Wayward Mind. (My journal is semi-retired at this point)

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    LMAO. How about you tell us how you really feel? Great stuff Patrick. Happy birthday!


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      Happy Birthday Patrick! Live it up, Man!
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        Nice. My birthday is next week....maybe I'll follow in your example:-)


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          Have a great bday! Bring some pepto bismol with you!
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            Happy Birthday!!
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              Originally posted by Patrick View Post
              (And no, I don't consider this my "20%." The concept of 20% can suck it. I hate the idea -- stupid excuses. I'm completely cognizant of my non-Primal'ness today and I'm exulting in it.)

              Right on, Patrick. I figured a while back that it's just plain silly to feel guilt about what you eat/do.


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                With 6 you get eggroll. (an old movie line)
                Happy birthday to you.
                This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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                  Happy birthday! Enjoy every bite and beware of the gas storm to folow !


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                    Happy Birthday!

                    I'm getting ready for a similar day on Sunday because of the Super Bowl. A bunch of us Americans here in London have rented out a place to watch the game (local time 11pm - 3am) and for one upfront fee, we get unlimited pizza and beer. I'm from NYC, so I know pizza, and from what the others have told me, this is possibly the best pizza in London. I can say no to crappy London pizza, but if this is anything like real NYC pizza, I'm in trouble...



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                      Happy Birthday Patrick!
                      enjoy, live it up and have a blast. rules are made to be broken.


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                        happy birthday
                        We need to have a global discussion about the epidemic of donut murder

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                          happy birthday, man. live it up. toast one to grok, then stick your face in a cake.


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                            Happy Birthday! I plan to follow your "Up yers" b-day plan in about 6 weeks myself. Great idea.


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                              I looooove your attitude, haha. 'FUCK YEH I'M HAVING A BIRTHDAY' is so much nicer to see than something like 'oopsie poopsie, I ate some cake, better chalk that up to my 20% teehee'
                              Have a wonderful day!