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  • Constipation

    I have been eating primal for the last 7 months and pretty strict that last 2 months. I have celiac disease and have been off gluten for over a year, before going paleo. I have really tightened up my diet and have been watching my carbs. Leaness and athletic performance are my goals. Sitting about 128, was 119 starting paleo, pretty sure most of that is muscle but am still having trouble with constipation. I cannot for the life of me figure out what makes me go. When I do have a bowel movement, 1-2 a week, they are usually very good. But somedays I feel so constipated and bloated and its really frustrating.


    Morning- 2 organic chicken sausages with 4pc organic bacon with raw sauerkraut. Take now food super enzymes (4-5, cant seem to feel anything lower than this) and 1tbsp of fish oil and 5000k vit D as well as 5g of L-glutamine

    Will follow breakfast with a cup of black coffee (if I do have a bowel movment its right after the coffee)

    Lunch- about 100g of organic shrimp with 1cup steammed brussel sprouts, 1/2tbsp olive oil, maybe 1/2 cup steammed spinach. Will take 1tbsp of fish oil again

    Dinner- 4-5oz chicken with some cooked squash, onions, carrots, 1/2tbsp olive oil +now food enzymes

    With snack on 100% cacao usually pre workout, maybe some coconut flakes but not very much.

    Calories around 1800 with 55% fat and protein around 125g. Carbs between 50-90g

    Pre bed
    5g of l-glutamine, 2tsp of natural calm magnesium.

    Can anyone think of anything else I am missing?

    I am very sensitive to dairy and do not include it and really watch out for it, can't find a dairy free probiotic so rely on the sauerkraut.

    Other stats: Female 5"3, athletic, crossfit 4x/week, lift every 1-2x a week. 128 lbs

    Any advice would be great

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    Coconut oil seems to really help me. I don't often need it any more--things are now working pretty well without it--but if I ever feel I need to get things moving, that does the trick. Sometimes TOO much

    Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
    Primal since July 2010...skinniest I've ever been and the least stressed about food


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      Have you tried a more natural position for pooping? Sitting on a western toilet is not very conducive to moving waste through your bowels. If you are confident in your balancing abilities and/or have something to hang on to, you can put one foot on either side of the bowl and squat. Don't try to force anything in this position, just relax, and gravity will do most of the work. There are products on the market that serve the same purpose, and are more stable and safe. I suggest you put a few sheets of TP in the bowl before attempting this, as your bum is higher over the water, and you risk backsplash (yuck). Someone else mentioned they have had success by sitting on the bowl, but leaning as far forward towards the floor as possible. Not ideal, but better than sitting up straight.

      Why is is that coffee and tea have such a laxative effect?


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        My daughter had serious constipation until she learned about liquid calcium-magnesium ( she it got from, which draws water to colon. She takes 1T nightly with good results.
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          What's your normal vegetable intake like? I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but I feel much better with a lower veg intake. I noticed that when I increased my veg intake 2-3 weeks ago my stools became much harder and difficult to pass. I've just toned it back down and it's only been a few days (I also have infrequent BMs) but I'm already feeling better.


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            I would second Liz's suggestion of coconut oil. I love to eat about 2 tablespoons with 2 squares of 100% cacao. Looks like you are already eating the cacao, but you might need to move that snack to post workout (not sure the extra fat would feel very good as you try to workout).



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              Just rushed out to buy some coconut oil. I put about 1tbsp on some cacao. Really helps with the bitterness of the cacao. Hopefully it works. I read that you are supposed to consume about 3tbsp worth a day?


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                broccoli and jalapeno. Seems like i have an RDA of those 2 that must be met or else...


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                  I have been having the same problem lately. I thought it might be the 86% cacao even though I was only eating one square but I also was eating some of the coconut brownies too. I upped my intake of vegetables thinking that might help. It hasn't. I cut out the cocao too. I need to try the coconut oil as soon as i can get some.