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Primal-approved UK brands? (for curries/sauces/condiments/etc.)

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  • Primal-approved UK brands? (for curries/sauces/condiments/etc.)

    Hey guys! Getting back on the PB wagon after a crazy last few months. Anyway, I'm in London (near Angel) for the semester.

    I'm also a busy student. I do like to cook, but sometimes using pre-made sauces/condiments (like curries and whatnot) can save a lot of time. In the US I have a few brands that I stick to because they don't have crap in them.

    Does the UK have any Primal-approved brands that would be available at Sainsbury's/Waitrose/M&S? I love Asian, Indian, and Italian.

    I'm not evangelical about "Primal purity" -- in the States I do love Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond milk, but I try to keep things pretty clean.

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    I don't use pre-made things, but if you read the ingredients label it should tell you what is in there? Any mention of "oil" and it is bound to be a bad one full of omega 6!


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      I don't use many branded goods but a couple of the Jamie Oliver pasta sauces don't have any non-primal ingredients. Most pasta sauces have sunflower oil but the tomato and basil one and I think the red onion and rosemary one are olive oil only.

      There are some gluten free curry sauces but they do have veg oil.
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