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Carpal tunnel syndrome is gone; some paleo 30 results

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  • Carpal tunnel syndrome is gone; some paleo 30 results

    Hey everyone -- I'm relatively new to the forum. I've flirted with paleo for a little while and finally decided to do the Paleo 30 challenge starting on January 4.

    The good news is I lost about 15lbs. Granted, I gained 15lbs through November and December, but losing that and adding some muscle was good. I read it's easy to lose recently gained weight, though, and I suspect a lot of it was water. But hey, I'll take a notch off the belt.

    In any case, the oddest result is that my carpal tunnel syndrome is no more. I used to wake up with numb fingers, and when I drove for awhile -- my left thumb would go numb depending on how my hand was positioned on the wheel. GONE. I used to think the carpal tunnel was a result of weight lifting (I started to wear wrist things), combined with an office job, combined with sleeping on it the wrong way. Guess not. I'm thinking it had more to do with inflammation than anything.

    Another odd result: no more dandruff. I wonder if the inclusion of a lot of fats has made my skin more moist. I haven't been using shampoo for the month -- I used to use dandruff shampoo, and that only was a band-aid. But it's nice to be able to wear a black suit again. My dandruff was terrible but I was told it was 'just the winter'.

    Allergies / aesthama is still there but not as bad. I haven't needed an inhaler this month, or Claritin, but I still wake up with a wheeze. Wonder if this will go away too...?

    So... that's about it. I don't expect to lose 15lbs every month, but this has been great. For the first time in awhile, my bench press is above my body weight.

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    Let's see if this works... here are some before / after photos:

    The first few were on Christmas and New Years day. I took the other ones two days ago.


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      nice one


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        Congrats! Weight loss is always exciting but sounds like all of the other great results you've had make it even better!! I have exercise induced asthma that has been less severe since I've been Primal but I still need my inhaler from time to time (less than half as often as before though).