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    Originally posted by SteakNchop View Post
    The concept of calories is immaterial. Calories simply don't mean anything. They are no way of measuring how much is eaten or weight gain and weight loss. Today I ate around 4500 calories and my bodyfat is 9-10%. I am 5' 6". If calories meant anything, I would be fat. I weigh 110 lbs.
    How did you arrive at this number (4500) - were you eyeballing or calculating?
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      People on a low carb diet tend to not gain weight even if in caloric excess, the reasons are unclear, but Dr. Mike R. Eades thinks it might have to do with futile cycles.

      One of the things that happens on a high fat diet is that the body makes more uncoupling proteins. So, with carbs low and fat high, the body compensates, not by ditching fat in the stool, but by increasing futile cycling and by increasing the numbers of uncoupling proteins and even increasing the porosity of the inner mitochondrial membrane so that the protons that required energy to be moved across the membrane are then moved back. So, ultimately, just like the rocks in my example above, the protons are taken from one pile and moved to another then moved back to the original pile, requiring a lot of energy expenditure with nothing really accomplished.
      Read the whole article here:
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        Originally posted by huntergirlhayden View Post
        I read the book, still, not grasping how the increase in calories isn't going to make me gain weight...
        I think that what happens is you inevitably eat less. The absence of carbs, or the considerably decrease in them (especially coming off the SAD) makes you wayyy less hungry, so you're just going to naturally eat less, thus taking in less calories. Even if you go a little overboard with butter and other fats you're still likely to take in less calories overall. It's curious though because some people do go over what you'd expect their daily caloric "allowance" to be and still lose weight but you have to look at it as a weekly thing not a daily thing since the body doesn't exactly work that way.

        I've recently upped my carbs, by eating out a lot more (and I'm not one to really fuss over a bun on a burger, to date I've never had a burger sans bun and don't really plan on it) and I can tell I'm hungrier without any significant increase in activity, which is only going to lead to weight gain, so I'm checking the going out and eating thing and reverting back to cooking my own meals which tend to be way lower in carbs since I prefer meat with just a few veggies as a side, and all my veggies are generally low carb unless I'm purposely preparing starches.
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