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New to Primal and Type 1 Diabetic

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  • New to Primal and Type 1 Diabetic

    Hi! I am just getting started on the primal blueprint and I'm really excited to see how it goes! I have some things I'd love to throw out to the boards:

    I have type 1 diabetes and have had it for 15 years so I would love to hear from anyone else who has it (specifically type 1) and how it's going for them. The insulin stuff in the book makes sense to me, but obviously as my body does not naturally produce insulin in the same way a normal person's does I will have to monitor it more closely. I am currently taking Lantus (base) and Novolog (bolus).

    One thing I'm having trouble with is buying things with fat in them! I know it's good fat, but almost three decades of hearing the mantra "fat is bad" are tripping me up - I wanted to reach for the lowfat organic greek yogurt instead of the full fat, etc. I am going to be strict with myself for one week about eating the fats I have and trying not to worry - has anyone experienced weight gain in the transition to going primal? I hope not, just checking!

    Also I am curious about going primal on a budget. I went to the store yesterday to get started on my primal shopping list (bought organic chicken breast and wild salmon for my meats, almonds, walnuts, fruit/veggies) and I must admit I spent more than I am used to. I figure in the end it all balances out because maybe I'll be spending less on prescriptions and doctor visits but would love to hear stories of how everyone deals with this.

    Also, would love to hear good bread/grain alternatives that are healthy and fit in the primal lifestyle.

    Thanks everyone! Looking forward to getting in on this!

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    I'll chime in. First of all, I'd like to congratulate you on taking this important step. I don't have diabetes, but I have a feeling after you're in the full swing of this lifestyle, you're going to be dropping both of those meds.

    As far as getting used to the idea that fats are good, what helped me personally is reading Mark's book and couple of other books that actually put it all in perspective. After you read it for yourself it all starts making perfect sense. Also, don't go too crazy with fats right away but rather ease in yourself into it.

    As far as going primal on the budget, my budget has not changed after I went primal. I just started to prioritize a little bit. After you eliminate all the junk purchases from your grocery list, you will likely find yourself spending close to what you used to. Also, when I first went shopping after deciding to go Primal, the bill was quite high but that's because I didn't have majority of the things I should've been having in my pantry. Now it's mostly replenishing things that I run out of. Also, the longer you shop for primal food, the easier it is to figure out where to get it the cheapest or how to work around the prices.

    As far as bread replacement, there are two wonderful products that can help you with that: almond flour and coconut flour. Here, on this forum, you can find many bread and other baked goods recipes using healthy alternatives, so go to town

    Hope this somewhat helps.


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      Thanks so much chocolatechip for the tips! I will definitely look into those flours if I start missing baked goods. After thinking about it, I am pretty sure my bill was high because I was stocking my pantry as well with nuts, oils, and supplements, which of course will last me much longer than one trip.

      I don't know if it's physiologically possible for type 1 diabetics to drop synthetic insulin entirely but I sure would love to reduce it, and am feeling like this is the right way to get started.

      I will check back in after a week of eating this way and let people know if I've noticed any differences. Thanks again!


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        just stopping in to say welcome aboard!


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          Thanks DCKMB!