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The lipid hypothesis in Italy (for those who speak Italian)

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  • The lipid hypothesis in Italy (for those who speak Italian)

    Hello everybody,

    the lipid hypothesis is alive and kicking in Italy. I wrote an article against it on a popular blog to fight against it, but I received a huge number of comments against my thesis.

    For those speaking Italian, any support in the comments would be really appreciated

    Many thanks


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    Great that you attracted so much attention!
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      My spoken Italian is decent, but I don't have enough practice reading to get through all that. Like Dragonfly said, good on you for shaking up the establishment. It's a pebble that is growing into an avalanche worldwide. Coraggio!


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        Thanks for your support. I really feel lonely in this country, nobody believes the science can be wrong, we are so proud the mediterranean diet has been chosen as a healthy diet from all over the world and pasta is eaten everywhere, we just cannot accept it as a big mistake!


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          Yeah. My dad (the Italian parent) still thinks I'm going to bust my kidneys. He has a big belly (we know why) and is trying to lose it through fasting and (now) veganism. I've got to talk to him but I don't know how, he's the source of my prideful streak, heh.