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  • Wanted to share my good news

    Hi primal people,

    Wanted to share some of my joy with the world! I've been eating primal (and exercising) for two weeks now and dropped 15 lbs (6.8kg) without major effort. I am absolutely stunned. The dog (who exercises with me) is looking leaner too, I swear! I feel really good and would like to add (for the gals) that I think coming off the birth control pill has really allowed me to lose weight so quickly. When I did Atkins 3 years ago I lost 2.2lbs (1Kg) a week and ate very similarly to now. I still have 40 lbs to lose but I'm staying very motivated and intend to start a program with free weights soon to completely change my body composition.

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    that's great news congrats


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      Way to go
      My whole life, I've felt like an animal......but I've ignored my instincts. I ignored what I really am. That will never happen again.

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        Fabulous results! Stay Strong.
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          Awesome!!! Way to go!!


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            Yay for you! And yay for your poochie! My little boys are putting on some chub because they HATE HATE HATE the cold weather.

            And I totally agree about BC pills. Coming off them I stopped getting so many migraines and felt a lot better.

            Congrats on your journey!


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              Good job! I gained weight so easily once I was on a different kind of birth control over here in the states. It just could have been my age too, but when I stopped taking birth control (evidence is in my sig lol) I dropped 15lbs in a month - stunned.


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                  Awesome! Your joy is infectious

                  Coming off BC was a GODSEND for me...HOWEVER, I noticed that without the artificial hormones propping up various bodily processes, I have to be quite strict with my food or I'm in for painful periods. (TMI? Sorry...) But it's great to realize that I'm in full control of the experience I have with "that time of the month" when I balance my hormones through appropriate eating.
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                    So glad it is going well for you!!
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