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  • New - am I hungry?

    Must admit I'm 3 weeks in and doing pretty well. It seems that I get this light headed feeling and sort of a reality disconnect at certain points in the day. It usually goes away when I eat. Is this what hunger feels like?

    I must admit I am eating way too many nuts. Miss salty treats - what is a good substitute.

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    I just had this the last few days! I get it and think maybe I should eat because my hunger is so much less now that I'm struggling to take in the min amount of calories needed for me. But I decided I wanted to just listen to my tummy and sure enough about 2 hours later i felt REAL hunger in the tummy ie it growled:-)
    In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer. -- Albert Camus


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      bacon. salty and fatty.