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Good news for the primal/paleo diet

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  • Good news for the primal/paleo diet

    It seems that the paleo lifestyle has received some negative attention from the media lately. What else is new though? The media is not known for being kind to iconoclastic ideas. Anyway, I'm currently a graduate student in social psychology, and I've been interested in starting a line of research on the psychological impacts of paleolithic nutrition. My first step in starting this work is officially successful! In October, I decided that it may be fun to write a little article aimed at graduate students, to be published in a magazine run by an international psychological society (Association for Psychological Science). Needless to say, the editor really liked it, and it is set to be published in May!

    I'm pretty excited about it. Perhaps it would clear up some of the negativity associated with the paleo diet in the current zeitgeist.
    Here it is, your moment of zen.

    It's a no brainer: The journal of the cerebelum

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    oh good stuff. I'd love to read it. And congratulations on being published, I know it's so important in academia and not always easy to achieve.

    I think the problem with media is that they love sensationalism - Mark with his 'middle way' and 20% is just a bit too calm and rational. They want the nutters who eat 'high meat' and roadkill (with apologies to those of you who are into roadkill or bacteria, but you know you aren't on the mainstream... :} ) - it's only the extreme end that makes the news. And especially if it results in drama - badly managed diets resulting in scurvy or some such.

    Partly thinking this because of an episode of 'Wife Swap ' I saw with a famly eating raw meat and raw eggs - all raw food basically - and the drama they created around that. (Like making them swap diets and seeing everyone get sick, NO SH** SHERLOCK!) grrr. (oh and the rawfood kids who brushed with butter and somethingorother, had perfect looking teeth btw)

    Gotta say, going primal for me has its downsides at times - walking past the bakery and those tempting smells, or going to the pizza parlour and just eating topping - in part feeling resentful that it didn't occur to the people with me that it would be very frustrating ! - but most of the time it's very positive - not only the increased wellbeing, but I must admit to feeling slightly smug when I'm at the checkout lugging a basket of beautiful produce (instead of leaning on a cart full of junk).

    I think a change will be in the air - I've noticed more and more people reducing carbs and the negatives of sugar creeping into the media. The trainers on biggest loser are still doing the low fat mantra, but one of them (here in Oz) is a low carber.

    Keep up the great work!
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      Congrats and thanks for saying a positive word about paleo!
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