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Is there a hierarchy of meat?

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  • Is there a hierarchy of meat?

    I realize beef that isn't grass-fed is somewhat of a no-no, which is a bummer as the cost of of the stuff is ridiculous for a guy that loves his filet mignon and New York Strips.

    However as a Brit I also love my lamb and pretty much anything that's sliced off a pig, but I was wondering if some meats are 'better' than others, because at the moment I'm eating a LOT of porcine parts.
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    Grain-fed beef is ok, it's just not optimal. See Don Matesz's posts on grain-fed vs grass-fed beef:
    A Practically Primal Perspective on Conventional Beef, Part 1: Hormones
    The Practically Primal Guide to Conventional Beef, Part 2: Antibiotics, Chemicals, and Pesticides
    The Practically Primal Guide to Conventional Beef, Part 3: Nutritional composition

    The takeaway: Conventional beef provides a negligible hormonal, antibiotic and pesticide load. Grass-fed beef has more micro-nutrients and omega-3s, but the same amount of omega-6s. So, eat some fish if you eat lots of conventional meat, otherwise don't worry about it too much. The message is the same for other ruminants or hind-gut fermenters (yay pigs!), but not for poultry.

    Obviously, these are only the nutritional facts; the message is different with regards to the ethics of CAFO meat.


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      mine goes like this:

      whole fishes/caviar
      other seafood/cold water fish
      other meat
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        I have one for myself, more because of what I've learned over 3 years in the culinary industry than anything really primal...
        Wild Game is best, any type, venison, wild boar, duck, quail,rabbit,hare,raccoon,squirrel,opossum...
        Large and small fish from deep or remote waters
        Grass fed Beef
        Grass fed pork
        Free range organic chickens
        Then comes everything else

        I'm a pastry chef by trade and I've worked in some pretty high end restaurants, I've seen some beautiful pieces of fish, whole sides of tuna that were longer than my leg (I'm only 5'2'', but still, thats a big fish!), that customers didn't respect at all, didn't realize the beauty in, and ordered well done, you might as well eat it out of a can! I've also seen some pretty scary pieces of meat, some lower than low quality pieces of beef ground and added to the hamburger, and in turn heard customers rave about the best burger they've ever eaten! You gotta choose what rocks your wagon, for me, its locally killed wild game (I recently moved back home to a *very* rural area) for others, its supreme bacon or grass fed filet mignon. I can't be sure how things work across the lake my friend, I'm a Southern American hailing from the backwoods bible belt eatin' deer chili and opossum stew.
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          Grass fed pork
          No such thing as grass fed pork. Pigs don't eat grass.


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            My list, inspired by the PaNu blog:
            Grass-fed/Grass-finished Beef, Lamb, Bison, Venison
            Wild-caught Fish, esp: Salmon, Mackerel and Sardines, Shellfish
            Wild game: Wild boar, Fowl, Rabbits, Rattlesnake, etc
            Free-range Turkey, Chicken, Duck
            Pastured Pork
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              I'm trying to achieve a healthier balance of O3/O6, especially because I can't currently afford grass fed meats.

              Is there any downside to canned fish, such as salmon or sardines? It's relatively inexpensive, convenient, and apparently Trader Joe's uses BPA free cans for their fish. Oh, and it's absolutely delicious--I tried sardines for the first time I was surprised by how tasty they were.


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                Just for all the responses people. I too like Bill am interested in the tinned fish. I believe all tinned salmon is wild as farmed slamno cannot be kind, is that right/ Also I love tinned anchovies, any thoughts?
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                  Originally posted by mikebike View Post
                  No such thing as grass fed pork. Pigs don't eat grass.
                  This is important. Pigs are omnivores. Grain fed pigs are sick, but grass fed pigs are not much better. Pigs need meat in their diet.

                  Conversely, grass fed beef should be at the top of the heirachy. I suspect that humans evolved eating a diet that consisted mainly of a large ruminant, such as cattle, bison or something similar.
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                    lets be clear here:


                    and then in some order

                    grass fed happy beef
                    tiny oily fish
                    Venison or other game meat
                    happy chickens
                    happy pigs, whatever they eat
                    big fish
                    happy cows, even if they eat supplemental grain
                    "organic meats"
                    regular meats
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                      My list:

                      -Beef: grass-fed or organic
                      ---Not as much PUFA, good amount of Mono and Saturated Fat
                      ---Low PUFA; high MUFA and Saturated Fat
                      --A bit on the high side with PUFAS, but it tastes to damm good. Not ideal to consume everyday in my opinion.
                      --High Omega-6, even if pastured, and therefore very inflammatory especially if consuming lots of olive oil and eggs. I eat once or twice a week only.


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                        My top of the List: Grassfed Beef, Lamb, and Bison. Wild Caught Seafood and Wild Game meats too!

                        Pork (I still love me some thick pork chops and bacon now and then) and Poultry are in the bottom lists purely because they have too much PUFA.

                        Grainfed Beef/Lamb/Bison, while not optimum, have low PUFA (low omega 6), so one can eat those and it will be easy to reach the right omega 6:3 ratio (fish oil supplementation or canned sardines/salmon). Chicken, are the other hand, require too much omega 3 to balance out those awful omega 6's, but who can resist the skin of a nice roasted whole chicken?
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                          Originally posted by mikebike View Post
                          No such thing as grass fed pork. Pigs don't eat grass.
                          My mistake, it should've said Grain fed. Our International farmers market sells grain fed hormone free, thats what I get, its got a great flavor. Where would I procure pork raised on an omnivorous diet. Mike Rowe did a dirty jobs where he transported leftovers from Vegas buffets to a pig farm, but I wouldn't want to eat meat that's raised on the food from a Vegas buffet...
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                            1. Grass fed meat
                            2. Eggs (can't live without 'em!)
                            3. Sea food
                            4. Organ meats
                            4. Poultry
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                              my list:

                              grass fed ruminant animals (cow, bison, lamb, etc.)
                              wild small oily fish (sardines, herring, etc.)
                              shellfish (oysters, clams, etc.)
                              grain fed ruminants
                              pasture raised pork
                              pasture raised poultry
                              farm raised fish
                              grain fed pork/poultry