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  • Dry lips

    Ok, this is a bit weird. For some odd reason, my lips are super dry. I have just been drinking water only when I am thirsty, but now I am drinking more water because I am worried. They are so dry that they are peeling, perhaps I should mask the condition by applying some lip balm...
    Can anyone help?
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    My lips tend to get dry when I'm not drinking enough water or if I'm in a place where the air is very dry. I'm a frequent lip-balm user, but I try to use Burt's Bees or the Unpetroleum lip balms to avoid as many of the nasty things in some of the regular drug store variety lip balms.


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      Is it possible that you are also licking/chewing at your lips? My lips were dry recently (despite plenty of fat and water intake) and then I caught myself chewing on them, absentmindedly. Applying lip balm can help tone down the discomfort and break the habit of biting at them, if that's part of the problem.
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        I had this problem about a week ago, started applying some coconut oil in the morning and it went away. Just my .02 cents.


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          I tend to get dry lips regardless of my diet during this time of year because its colder. If you walk a lot and the cold wind hits your face or if you go skiing/snowboarding it is real easy to get dry lips. Also, for me if the defroster is on in the car of the heater is on in the house it sucks a lot of moisture from the atmosphere which makes my lips dry as well. Could it be its just that time of the year and the climate is colder in your neck of the woods?
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            Perhaps it is dry here in Florida, it isn't really cold. I will definetly try coconut oil at night to help and shea butter during the day time.
            Water, and lot's of it is probably my best bet.
            @bokbadok, I do chew on my lips major time! I also have this crazy habit of, don't laugh, rubbing cloth on my lip
            You don't have to be sick to get well


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              Petroleum jelly works well also.