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    I am one month into eating Primally. I usually have a healthy appetite and was hungry frequently. Since going Primal, the first week I felt starving (probably was not eating enough fat and my body was adjusting to cutting out brown rice, quinoa and oats.) My appetite has decreased slightly and I don't feel quite that hungry anymore between meals and now I eat about 3 meals/day plus one or two snacks if hungry. When is a good time to introduce an IF.... is it too soon or anytime is good? Do most of you do an IF for just one meal (i.e. dinner) or two or more? Also what is a good meal to have after skipping a meal? Thank you.....

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    Personally, I think the most important part of IFing is making sure that you get plenty of protein. If you're still trying to nail down what to eat though you're probably not ready for to start on IFing quite yet. My advice is to work on eating all real unprocessed foods then learning to have less of them. You might start by cutting out the snacks then moving to two meals a day.


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      I've found it's easiest to go keto and then fast from there. For some reason, ketosis makes fasting easy. I will probably fast all day on Tuesday or Wednesday.


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        I started doing IF before I found Primal/paleo, though I was pretty close to it by then, just needed to read the book and get rid of the rest of my CW.

        I don't know if there is necessarily a "good" time to introduce it, or a better time than another. Just prepare for it and do it, when you feel like you want to. It's not that hard. I do the 16 hour fasts and have been doing that (most days) since the end of October and primal since the end of November. It actually got easier when I went primal, mostly because I upped the fat.
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          a thing to watch out for is forcing the fast and then getting really hungry and eating whatever is around/available (which often times is not primal)

          I let it happen naturally, like if i'm busy at work all day and don't really have time to sit and eat. The busier you are, the less you will notice a lack of food. Certainly, planning the fasts are good at the beginning, but also plan it around a particularly busy day so that you're not sitting around thinking about food and forcing yourself not to eat it. I pretty much never do a fast when I'm off unless I have a ton of stuff to do. I usually like to do it for 16-18 hours... have dinner the night before and then don't eat anything the following day until mid afternoon (coffee in the am allowed). Sometimes I do a full 24 hours but not on any set schedule.
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            I started IFing after being Primal for ~2 months. It happened naturally when I went vlc. I stop eating around 5 or 6pm and don't eat again until 9 or 10 am. I work from my home, so this is easy for me.
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