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    Hi, I am a college sophmore and am interested in majoring in nutrition. I was about to begin taking the classes last year but then I stumbled upon Mark's site which eventually led me to a completely (and amazing) new opinion on nutrition. I figured that I would feel the need to argue with CW, so I opted not to go on with it. However, I always find myself reading and learning more from paleo and primal doctors, and I believe it is a topic that I am most interested in. Would it be a good idea to go back and declare this as a major?

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    I think that with anything, you need to see if that discipline is going to be able to support you financially in the means that you desire. If it doesn't, then maybe find something else that you can tolerate that does. I have no idea what the job market is for a nutritionist.

    I assumed that you'd be pursuing a career in nutrition, was I wrong?


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      i think majoring in nutrition is a great idea. first off, you'll learn how to sift through the data to get answers, as long as curiosity is always in abundance. but more than that, CW could use a little arguing. your professors may not always agree with your take on things, but you've got science on your side. plus, any professor worth a damn will have already researched paleo/primal nutrition and learned something from it.

      also, wouldn't it be fun to be the dissenter in class who keeps pointing out the dangers of "whole grains"


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        I'm also a college student, and as a freshman I declared my major as health and human performance-the closest to a nutrition major my school offers. I can almost guarantee that nothing you will learn is going to be in line with the primal lifestyle. The "nutrition" course here is all CW based. Depending on the professor(s), it may even be hard to share your point of view on nutrition and they could totally disagree with you as well as the tell the rest of the class it's wrong. If you are seriously interested in nutrition as a career though, you should pursue a degree you will enjoy as long as you can deal with all the bullshit that is sure to come. By the way, I'm now majoring in advertising with a minor in business. Jobs as dietitians or nutritionists are hard to come by and don't pay very well, at least where I'm from.


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          I would go the route of biochemistry with perhaps a minor in kinesiology. That is if your grades are good enough, because that would be a pretty hard course of classes. That would be what I would do if I could do it all over again. I started as a biology major, switched away from science and into more math and electronics in Industrial Technology (graduated with a BS in IT) then went to grad scool for Industrial Hygeine. (Back to the science) And today I manage Security for a bank and coach triathletes on the side. It's a funny world out there my friend, just do something you love and the right mix will land in your lap. Heck, my college room mate who studied metalurgical engineering is now a software programmer!


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            I almost went into a master's of nutrition program. I opted not to for a few reasons. I have friends who took the same route and are registered dieticians. Even though one of them follows a strict paleo diet he said he constantly has to bite his tongue at the office. They told me that if they were to recommend a paleo/primal style diet in their office they would get fired or potentially lose their license. A lot of registered dieticians work for hospitals/clinics/health clubs and a CW diet (USDA approved) is what they will most likely recommend to patients. I am not sure if this is correct but I also heard that registered dieticians are governed by the USDA. On the other hand I also know a couple people who are board certified holistic nutritionists and they seem to be a lot more open to different diets and use whole foods to help treat ailments. That was the path that made more sense to me, so I am now enrolled in a holistic nutrition program which starts next month.
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              Yeah, I think I will have some of the same issues. I want to be a food psychologist and I can only imagine trying to help my patient with their eating problems and having to shy away from the truth and be all vague. If this is a concern to you now, then I don't see how continuing to major in nutrition will help. Go with your gut feeling.
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                Originally posted by Katblack View Post
                I want to be a food psychologist

                What is a food psychologist?

                I can just envision myself laying on one of a couch with someone saying, "So...tell me about your mother's cooking..."


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                  Thanks for the responses so far. The holistic nutrition program you mentioned Balance sounds interesting... I'll look into it.


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                    I am about 3 months away from my bachelor's in nutrition science. Yes, they teach you CW when it comes to nutrition, but you also learn about metabolism and how the body works. I thought about holistic nutrition before choosing the college I did, but wanted to earn a degree from an accredited college. Although I have been taught CW, I will have the degree to back up my belief in primal/paleo WOE. I will continue my education through the holistic nutrition route rather than spend anymore money getting my Master's. I will have the option to open my own practice or counseling with the degree to back it up. We need more nutritionists to speak up and educate or else nothing will change. Becoming a Registered Dietitian is very competitive, expensive and takes a long time so I decided not to go that route. This has completely turned my thinking upside down, too, but my degree is not a waste of time. If I didn't have the knowledge that I have from schooling I may not have been so easily convinced that this is the right way to eat, despite being taught CW... that's not all it's about. I have the knowledge of the body and how it works and so the primal/paleo WOE made sense to me. Now I can teach others with the background I needed to have to do so.


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                      Perhaps you can major in some sort of medicine, then afterwards pursue the nutritional aspect in some alternative medicine school. This way, you won't have to deal with the CW if you simply pursue the major in nutrition.
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                        I'm a current graduate student in social psychology and I've been wanting to start a line of research on the psychological effects of paleolithic nutrition in humans for some time.

                        Although I have never taken a nutrition course, I would imagine that it is pretty much all CW dogma, and as an applied field, you will probably not meet your goal with it. Rather, if you are truly interested in the topic, you should go into a research based field and study the diet. One idea is food anthropology; much of the early evidence for the paleo diet came from anthropological evidence. Another idea is biology with an emphasis on human metabolism (understanding the nuts and bolts of cellular function may help bolstering your credibility later on).

                        The idea is that if you go into a research-oriented field you may have better luck bringing about more controversial ideas than applied fields where you have to follow guidelines.
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                          I vote you go for the Nutrition Degree! I'm a Pastry Chef going back for my degree in nutrition, thanks to the Primal lifestyle. I've had the same hesitation about having to learn a bunch of things I disagree with, but I think it's extremely important that people with dissenting opinions join the industry. Thats the only way things will change. I recommend you read Good Calories Bad Calories, I'm still in the start of it, but he talks a BUNCH about how facts are manipulated to support theories as opposed to facts stimulating theories and new advancements. The only way the establishment changes if through opposition to common beliefs.

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                            Look at Clayton College of Natural Health. They have a pretty good reputation for the quality of their education. My wife has her masters in Holistic Nutrition and she sure knows her shit!


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                              Originally posted by Karma View Post
                              Look at Clayton College of Natural Health. They have a pretty good reputation for the quality of their education. My wife has her masters in Holistic Nutrition and she sure knows her shit!
                              Have you looked at their website lately? I think they may be closing down.

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