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  • Bacon

    Does anyone know how many times a week is too many to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast without raising cholesterol? Also, would it be okay to substitute turkey bacon for regular bacon just to not risk having an abnormally high level of cholesterol? Can anyone recommend awesome bacon without nitrites?

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    I think the premise of primal is that you eat things like eggs and bacon freely without concern over cholesterol. Even conventional wisdom has conceded that most people don't raise their cholesterol through eating eggs.

    If there's concern about bacon, it's more properly centered around salt and nitrite content.

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      Everyday. Turkey bacon is shit.


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        Originally posted by Bane View Post
        Everyday. Turkey bacon is shit.

        My cholesterol levels pre bacon everyday and post. Plus 2-3 eggs everyday.

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          As for bacon recommendations, it's hard to know what you'd be able to find locally, as many brands are regional. But here in the PNW, I like Beeler's which is uncured and nitrite/nitrate free. I find that my local food co-op is an excellent source for the best commercially available meats. If you have one locally, check out their buying ethos or talk to someone in the meat department. And lastly, seek out any local sources: online, farmers' markets, CSAs, etc. Good luck! And eat it as often as you'd like!
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            I have been eating bacon and eggs everyday.


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              Thanks guys! It is nice to know it is fine to eat it everyday if I want to....


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                Applegate does a nice nitrate free bacon! I buy it at vitamin cottage natural grocers


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                  Oscar Mayer makes uncured, smoked bacon. Lovely nitrite/phos free piggy
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