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The Great Health Debate free online event- Mark's been added!!

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  • The Great Health Debate free online event- Mark's been added!!

    This looks interesting: guests include Sally Fallon vs. T. Colin Campbell, low carb author Johnny Bowden vs. low fat Dr. Joel Fuhrman and raw vegan David Wolfe vs. former raw vegan-turned omnivore/wild foods expert Daniel Vitalis.
    It says that they just added Mark (I was hoping for someone Primal or Paleo)

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    Great news! I love Dr. Jonny Bowden (PhD in nutrition). He was actually how I first got turned on to Primal. He doesn't get enough mention around here. He's another one who practices what he teaches and looks absolutely fantastic in his 60s.

    My absolute favorite clip of his (2 minutes) ... and a great intro to Primal/Paleo for friends/family:

    "Can you catch it, hunt it, pluck it, pull it from a tree, or fish it? It didn't have a bar code."

    BTW, hazyjane: Your blog is wonderful. I've never taken notes from a blog...until yours. I tried to tell you this there, but people who aren't signed up with one of the preapproved sites aren't able to make comments. Anyway, yeah, I'm a fan.
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    "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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      Awww! Thanks for the compliment! I'll have to see if I can fix the comment thing- I though I had it set so anyone could comment. You can also leave comments on my blog's Facebook page (I love hearing from my readers!!)

      [EDIT] OK- the comment thing should be fixed now:-)
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        That's a great clip. "Factory-specified fuel", I love it. Signed up for the event but be warned you'll get a pitch for transcripts of the whole thing for $50.