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    Since i have gone primal about a month+ ago, i have noticed some foods have changed in taste. for one, i had a few sips of milk today and it was SWEET. Milk never tasted sweet to me before. Aside from that the 85% chocolate i had got too sweet so now i have 90% or 99% which is perfect for me.
    the other night i ate a cupcake at a birthday party. WOAH
    it was as if i have never eaten anything so sugary before!

    have any of you noticed changes in food you no longer eat, but may sometimes indulge on? or even changes in the food you now eat regularly.. what are they?
    what tastes better?
    what just tastes different?

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    My sweet receptors have become a lot more sensitive as well. I'm started to pick up some seemingly odd tastes, I'll eat lemon rinds for example but my face grimaces in reaction to the juice, not because of the acidity but because it's like liquid sugar. A lot of it has to do with how your brain is getting used to different tastes being associated with "nourishment".
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      Vegetables taste better! Especially cabbage - I never knew how much I loved cabbage until a few weeks ago, it is just so goooood cooked in some coconut oil or butter or bacon fat (probably any fat, really)

      Chocolate tastes sweeter, too. My current favourite is 88%, and it's incredibly delicious. Coconut also tastes kind of sweet to me, even though it has like, what? One gram of sugar per serving? I dunno if that's right or not, haha.

      Fruit is way sweeter, too. I had an apple the other day and it was like candy, although not really in a good way. I went kind of carb-crazy and ate 3, looll. I think I'll stick to berries.


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        I've noticed this a bit. It's more subtle than what you're talking about- I add less sweetener to sweet things, I think onions are sweet, and they never were before, food just tastes more exquisite overall.

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          Apples are so sweet to me now that they make me pucker-faced.
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            I agree to all of the above. In addition to being more sensitive to sweetness, I also need less salt on things than I used to.
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              Same thing's been happening over here. My first week into primal - cumcumber stopped tasting like an old shoe and I love them now.

              85% lindt is just now starting to become sweet for me. But I had a piece of Lindt Coconut White chocolate the other day and it was CRAZY sweet. Ruined the taste of everything the rest of the evening. Not having that shit again.

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                It seems like I am the only one who hasn't experienced this. Maybe things taste faintly sweeter. Not noticeable.
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                  My new favorite 'treat' is a grapefruit. I buy one or two a week and know they are in my fridge just waiting for me to eat them. I have chocolate too but the grapefruit is the one I want. When I eat them they taste like wholesome candy. Delicious.
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                    I haven't payed much attention to sweetness specifically (I've always loved bitter things like dark chocolate, grapefruit, and black coffee, even pre-primal, so my tastes haven't changed much in that regard), but natural flavors in general seem a lot more pronounced and complex. I love the flavor of vegetables now, especially cabbage. Before I felt like vegetables were either gross or completely bland, now there's not a single one that I dislike.

                    Also, I've noticed something strange after my occasional sugar binges. The following day, my mouth feels kind of dead. It's rough and dry all over and I just can't seem to taste things. Vegetables seem to revert back to that bland state that I used to hate and I have to use extra salt. Has anybody else noticed this? Perhaps too much sugar dulls your taste for anything else.
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                      Yes, I've noticed this too. Root vegetable soup tastes very sweet - I have started adding the juice of a lemon before serving it!And so much food just tastes - better! I'm really really enjoying eating veg slathered in butter or fat with meat. Don't seem to crave fancy sauces now anything like as much - the different veg provides the variety I want.


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                        I have been vlc since Jan 1 and today I ordered a glass of cabernet and took a sip and was shocked by how sweet it was. It tasted like pure grape juice to me and I couldn't drink it.


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                          I now enjoy things that I really didnt like before because they where too sour etc... various pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi, piccalilli


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                            I've always been a fan of "dark chocolate," and by "dark chocolate" I mean Hershey's Special Dark. Now that tastes like pure sugar to me, and I's 90% chocolate. I've most definitely re-sensitized my sugar receptors!
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                              Yes, fruit is sweet where previously fruit + sugar was sweet. Mind you, given half a chance I can still eat cake, chocolates etc and enjoy them - nothing tastes 'too sweet' yet.

                              On the other hand - almost nothing tastes 'too fatty' any more. When cooking for two, I have to remember that not everyone enjoys their kale drenched in the fatty juices from the burgers - which strikes me as very odd.