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Huh?!? Me not hungry?!?

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  • Huh?!? Me not hungry?!?

    I think this is the first time in my life I haven't been hungry for dinner (or hungry period) and yet being only 6 days into this I am still making beef stew even though I am not really hungry because I have never gone without dinner. LOL. I know I probably should just go without, but being so new at this I guess I am still stuck in the 3 meals a day mindset. Plus, the smell is making me a little hungry

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    Wait until you get the point you are forgetting to eat.
    "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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      I know where you are coming from. I didn't eat lunch on both wednesday and thursday. I usually fast for 16 hours every day and then eat lunch at about noon. Both days I just got really busy and didn't even notice till late in the afternoon that I had missed lunch. I wasn't hungry and functioned just fine both days. Before I started down this path I would have been ravenous by noon even after eating breakfast. It blows my mind how little I really need to eat anymore.
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        Today is the first day of my third week of PB. I just returned from the gym after doing 85 min of slow and easy (40 min on the AMT, 15 min rowing, 10 min walking between a 4% and 8.5% upgrade). I am absolutely not hungry. Had 2 hb eggs for breakfast, a Clementine, a chichen thigh and slaw at lunch and I kind of had to force myself to eat that. Another clementine and about 10 raw almonds. I also had three small cups of coffee over the whole day with some cream. Doesn't seem like I've eaten enough to not be hungry.


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          Welcome to the wonderful world of sufficient fat intake, enjoy your stay.
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            I have been eating PB for quite a while now and it still blows my mind that I am not hungry all the time! And even when I do get hungry it's just a low growl from my tummy not a LOUD SCREAM like it used to be. I don't mind being hungry now.