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  • I don't get it...

    How in the world can people put out information so far to the other side of what even current CW illustrates? Carbs make you thin for life; carbs curb hunger; carbs blast belly fat; carbs control blood sugar and diabetes... mind you this article is referring to resistant starch, but still off the wall. Some of the research does appear to come from the testing of rats, which we all know is sketchy at best.

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    There are so many studies out there that are so poorly controlled... it makes me mad.

    I was taught in science class that the way you make a good experiment is by changing ONE variable at a time. Then if there's a change in the result, it's likely that the change in the input caused it. So many of these so-called "scientific studies" nowadays seem to change every damn thing all at once, and then people interpret the results pretty much any way they like.