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    So I went to the Dr. yesterday. 50 pounds lighter than when I went a year ago and my BP went from 127/92 to 120/70. Needless to say he was impressed and curious as to how I did it. I said I started eating real food and as for exercise I got off my butt and just moved around more. Through conversation he mentioned that another patient did a paleo diet. I said that’s what I basically did and prepared for him to lay into me. To my surprise he said that it is good to get back to basics and that if “caveman Joe” could survive on it so should we be able to as well! Sounds like my Doc is a keeper!!

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    Woohoo! Congrats I'm hoping to have the same kind of experience next trip to my Dr, some time around June. She said if I drop 40lbs, she's willing to let me try to quit the blood pressure meds I'm on - I hate taking them. I dislike taking any drugs really. So far, I'm on my way.

    For sure, keep your doctor!
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      good for you.
      a doctor that says yes to paleo/primal is definitely a keeper.


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        Yay!!! I want your doctor. I have a feeling mine will rip me a new one for going primal/paleo.


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          Originally posted by geostump View Post
          Yay!!! I want your doctor. I have a feeling mine will rip me a new one for going primal/paleo.
          I had a brief conversation with my (former) doctor about GCBC. He told me he picked it up wasn't interested as he didn't need to read another diet book.
          That was my last visit.
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            My doctor doesn't give a rat's ass what I'm eating as long as my health is good. She doesn't even weigh me unless there's a need (dosage for a contrast CT, for example) and goes on other, more informative parameters of health such as blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides, blood sugar, and so on, as well as asking about whether I'm getting exercise, how I'm sleeping, and my general mental health and stress levels. It's nice to have a doctor who's interested in the results and trusts me to take responsibility for my own well being, rather than policing my choices.
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