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One teaspoon of buckwheat

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  • One teaspoon of buckwheat

    Hello all,

    buckwheat and the soup with a glass of water whenever I don't have time/it's impractical to eat soup. It works an absolute treat! What my elm bark pills couldn't fight the buckwheat eradicated. However my question is:

    Are there any repercussions or downsides to this method that any of you may know of?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I don't really know- a tsp. is a small amount and buckwheat is one of the less problematic grains (or pseudograins), so it might be fine for you. I tolerate it well, but I choose not to eat grains, as they mess w/ my blood sugar.
    But then, it's not really addressing the root of the problem, just easing the symptoms. Buckwheat descends the stomach qi but I bet there are other herbs or foods that would also do the same.

    Have you ever tied Betaine HCl before meals? You might be low on stomach acid, causing the food to ferment and the fermentation acids to rise (the most common cause of reflux and heartburn). If that doesn't work, there is a citrus peel extract (citrus peel is great for stomach qi- you can add it to tea) that reverses excess acid production:

    You can also strengthen your stomach qi by avoiding cold beverages and too many cold/raw foods.


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      Ditch any antacids you may be taking..........Invest in a really good digestion emzyme 2 before each meal
      could take care of your heartburn then after your gut heals
      you can cut them back to 2 a day ...


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        Hello Hazy Jane,

        thank you for your input. I spoke to my mother and she said she had the same thing. Down to the time it took after each meal for the reflux to set in. She took papaya enzyme and it vanished. I'm now on the same thing and works a treat. Sometimes I forget to take the tablets after a meal but the reflux doesn't set it, even without the teaspoon of buckwheat. Talk about the gentic blueprint being passed down the chain!

        Kind regards,



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          papaya and gone is the stomach aid. Healthy as can be now