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  • Feeling discouraged

    I have Candida, so I have been zero sugar (no grains, fruit, etc) for almost a year now. I will admit to some slip-ups, but that only made me come back stronger and harder to have no legumes or nuts and the VERY occasional sweet potato or acorn squash. It certainly has helped me heal my gut, but there are days when I feel so discouraged and want to give up. I am not even having strong sugar cravings; I just would like to be ABLE to have a piece of dark chocolate.

    I don't mean to whine; I just was wondering what you guys do on the days when you feel like you want to throw your hands up. I really do not want all the guilt and pain that comes with a slip-up.
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    These days come every now and then, but I'm pretty sure they would come regardless of diet


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      Can you eat 100% cacao (unsweetend baking chocolate)? A lot of people find it too bitter, but I love to eat a couple of squares along with coconut oil. Maybe that would help with the craving.



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        Have you looked into any recipes or anything for little treats for those times? Stevia should be okay to use with a candida protocol (especially if you've been doing it for a year), so maybe almond flour muffins, or my fave, primal reese's cups:

        melt coconut oil in pan, add cocoa 100% and a little stevia-- very little is needed if any at all. Use muffin lining cups, pour a little of the mix in the bottom of each and freeze. After about 30 minutes, put almond butter in and then pour a little more of the mix on top. Freeze and keep handy. Totally good for ya and a great "treat" when you just feel like you have to have it!

        I also like to do my version of a chai latte.... make chai tea, pour in coconut milk and a packet of stevia and a drop or two of pure vanilla (you can get this without alcohol, which should be good to go with candida stuff). Totally warm and yummy and creamy with a touch of sweet. You can do the same with a hot cocoa, with 100% cocoa powder, coconut milk, blended with some stevia and cinnamon. Hits the warm, yummy, tad sweet spot.

        I used to peruse a website over at Whole Approach back when I had candida pretty bad (tested for it and everything), and if you go to their forums, and look in the recipes section there are TONS of cool recipes. Avocado chocolate mousse, sweet muffins (made with almond flour I think), etc. Maybe look into things made with coconut flour as well.

        As I've eaten primal I definitely need those treats a lot less, but there ARE times when I do, and to have something yummy and good to eat makes it all better!
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