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  • Sardines


    Wondering how sardines taste. I almost bought some today, but I thought I get some input here first. I would like to try them... just wondered how many of you like them and are they really fishy tasting?? Also, what do you do with them??

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    There is a definate fish taste to them, and are a touch on the oily side. I *used* to love them on buttered toast, but thats out now. LOL! I usually just eat them with a salad. It's an aquired taste.
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      I chop them up and scramble them in with my eggs and some lemon pepper. Very yummy! I also scramble in smoked oysters or mussels.


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        I LOVE sardines--used to eat them on crackers--now just straight from the can. I definitly prefer the ones packed in oil rather than water. They are "fishy", but very good.

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          I buy these:
          Crown Prince Natural Skinless & Boneless Sardines in Pure Olive Oil, 3.75-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)

          They are less fishy than tuna, and I love them! Plus they're wild caught, and boneless! I usually eat them on a big ass salad, adding the oil and all. Yum!
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            I like to make them similar to what Alton Brown did for his weight-loss but instead of bread I'll make a coconut flour tortilla. Mix them in with avocado, lemon, .... here you go-



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              Sardines are fishy. And oily. And filling in a good avocado-y sort of way.

              I usually just eat them straight out of the tin because I used to eat them on crackers.

              I did make an exceptional quickie seafood chowder the other night with some sardines packed in tomato sauce thrown into a pretty standard chicken vegetable soup. Gave my soup a punch of fat and calcium and I was quite pleased with it.

              I don't usually eat them with anything special anymore. They're usually my go to for something where I am hungry but I am feeling lazy to make anything. Aside from my soup the other night, I've never really put them in anything or done anything else besides just eat them plain.


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                I love sardines as my go to food at work if I don't have time to bring anything else. I only get the boneless, skinless in olive oil kind. I eat it straight out of the can or with a salad and they have 2000mg of omega 3 per can.


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                  hmmmmmm, you guys are giving me hope...I know they're good for me...but...
                  except once, I ate some kind of tapenade and w/out knowing it had sardines, and it was good....


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                    Go for it!


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                      A little bit of worchestershire sauce is great on 'em.


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                        I F*CKING LOVE SARDINES.

                        That's all I really had to contribute...

                        Oh, I guess if you're looking for the healthiest option (with the best n-3 punch, calcium, phosphorus, etc.) get the ones WITH bones and skin that are packed in water.


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                          I really like lightly smoked sardines in olive oil (and I'm not a fan of fishy fish!). If you ever have a chance to eat fresh sardines (like in a Greek restaurant) they are the best thing ever! OMG- heavenly!
                          PS- canned smoked oysters are really good too


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                            Wild Planet smoked and whole in olive oil.

                            The bones & skin are the goods. I smash them up with mayo, mustard and chili flakes for my own kind of ceasar dressing.

                            My 3yr old begs to eat them out of the can.

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                              Love them as well, but I also need to eat them on something. My solution is parmesan crisps - coarsely shredded parm spread out on a cookie sheet (about 2 inch diameter circles), 350 degrees in the oven for about 5 minutes. Also excellent for pate.

                              There is a quick window of opportunity in getting a nice, crispy wafer vs. a burned mess.