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  • Post-workout meal question

    So how important is it to eat a meal immediately post-workout? I am not really hungry right after a good workout. I try to keep them fairly high intensity, and on occassion that means right up to the edge of almost puking. After that I don't have an appetite for an hour or two after. So what are the pros and cons of waiting the hour or two?
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    Eat when you are hungry.

    When I used to do tradtitional "bodybuilding" style workouts I fell for the supplement company hype about the "anabolic window" etc. Unless you are a competitive bodybuilder waiting an hour or two will not make a difference in your recovery that is noticeable.


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      Depends on your goals but waiting an hour is not detrimental. If one of your goals is fat loss then you actually want to wait that hour. When you work out you release HGH and that keeps working its fat burning magic for an hour or so pwo. Once you eat you release insulin which shuts HGH down. I sometimes don't eat for many hours after and haven't wasted away and it hasn't negatively afffected strength or muscle development. At the same time, I won't claim it's actually been beneficial (only way to tell would be to spend a month or two eating immediately pwo and I don't really like doing that so I'll never know)

      If you're aiming for growth it's supposed to be better to eat closer to the end of your workout since your muscles are more receptive to the nutrients and are in an Anabolic (growing) state. so its best to not wait too long before feeding them. I think I have that last bit right someone please correct if wrong.

      Personally I think waiting one hour or so is best for both scenarios. Hgh helps with growth too so shutting it down by chugging a protein shake is stupid. I'm pretty sure that myth comes straight from the companies moving that product. What better way to tap into paranoid athletes looking for the best physique than to say "drink my product immediately pwo for best results!!" Right?
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        Pre workout nutrition is actually more important than post workout nutrition. If you've had a solid protein containing meal less than 4 hours before your workout you should still be releasing amino acids into the bloodstream afaik. The "post workout" insulin sensitivity is due to muscle glycogen being depleted, and I believe they will contiue to be sensitive for hours.