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  • being tired all day long

    hey ive got a problem: im tired 24/7.. I wake up: feeling like CRAP! (sorry there is no other way to describe it)...going to uni (trying to recover)..then in the late afternoon it gets better..and at night i get my "peak"...but although its getting better later in the day i still feel bad.

    im back in the gym trying to get in shape. but its so demotivating when you train hard and smart, can lift more weight than many other heavier guys, eat a lot and still lack a "feeling of health" and a well trained body..its just killing me..

    all these years i didnt pay attention to a very important aspect: my is messed up (thank you dad for these genes )..and i have no idea what to do against it..ditching grains was a good thing to do, reducing milk and nuts is helping as well...but getting enough calories is nearly impossble without doing crazy stuff like drinking olive oil, eating a spoonful of coconut oil, calculating calories..i want to enjoy food..but if i eat "normal" i would lose weight..

    so my questions are: 1)is something wrong with me?? (not enough sun light etc.) 2)how can i gain weight without the negative side-effects (eating high-carbs, feeling like shit and gaining fat->being in bed most of the day??) 3)is primal (low-carb) practical for gaining weight?? (because im actually losing weight..and the last performance in the gym was horrible) ...maybe someone could post his/her experiences or nutritional plan..that would be great.

    ps: what i forgot to mention..ive got a light form of GERD!
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    did you mention sleep issues? I have sleep problems and some days feel this way....


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      no, i dont have sleep issues..i can sleep whereever you drop me ...and thats the problem...i need tooooo much sleep..


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        1. how long have you been doing the PB?
        2. give us a typical day's food intake.

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          As I read the details of your thread I can't help but notice that you appear to be down and or discouraged about your situtation. Well, obviously you are frustrated, but I guess I would like to ask if you have checked in on your mental health? How are your stress levels, what are your stressors? Deciefer what you have control over and how can you take charge of that. If you can address just a few of these potent ailments in life "which we all experience from time to time" you can really start to evaluate not only your physcial heatlh, but your mental well being as well. They all work together for a good reason.

          A. There is nothing wrong with you!!
          B. Yes, you can gain weight (Muscle) on the "Primal Diet", you just have to make sure you are consuming the right amount and types of fats and proteins on a regular schedule. What are you eating pre and post workout? What is your current lean body mass (weight)? The timing and types of "energy" foods" you consume for weight training is crucial. Adding just a pund of muscle does not happen over night.
          C. Sleep??? Figuring out why you are excessively tired will be key. Is this physical or mental? Are you over training at the gym? Symptoms are symptoms, and you have to listen to your body and figure out what it is trying to say. You might want to pay a visit to your primary care provider for additional answers.
          D. GERD!! I suffer from this as well. You will find that symptoms and triggers are different for every person. I have suffered from this my entire life. Albeit I have to say that Primal Eating has improved my condition, but it has not cured it by any means either. Nuts, seeds, acidic fruit etc. before bed is a huge no no for me. Watch the time frame at which you eat dinner and when you lay down for your slumber. I need at least, bare minimum two hours for digestion prior to even thinking about bed after a delicious primal meal. Just things to keep in mind.

          Good luck with your primal journey.
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            Originally posted by Konstantin View Post
            no, i dont have sleep issues..i can sleep whereever you drop me ...and thats the problem...i need tooooo much sleep..
            I realize this is crazy-hard when you're a student, but is your sleep schedule regular? I found that when I was in college I'd be all over the place - 4 hours one night, 10 hours another, napping during the day, etc. And I was a lot more tired. Once I was out in the working world and had the same schedule every day, I was a lot less tired. I was even less tired when I kept my weekend wake times within an hour or so of my weekday wake times. I am extremely sensitive to my sleep schedule now and do my best to go to bed around the same time (+/- an hour or so) and wake up at the same time (+/- an hour) every day.
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              Originally posted by Konstantin View Post
              ..but getting enough calories is nearly impossble without doing crazy stuff like drinking olive oil, eating a spoonful of coconut oil, calculating calories..i want to enjoy food..but if i eat "normal" i would lose weight..
              What is crazy about that? A lot of PB'ers do. I personally eat high quality butter in small slices whenever I feel that "not quite satisfied" feeling or if I feel that overall a meal was low in fat.
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                thanks for all the responses...

                @eric C. : you are right..ive got some stressors in my life and im working on them..but they wont disappear over i have to take them in account!
                @enna: yeah i guess that may be a factor
                @batty: im pretty new to the whole primal im doing it for a few weeks only..but my weight loss is scaring me..maybe its not the right diet for me..
                a normal day looks like the following at the moment:
                5 whole-eggs
                30g Coconut-oil
                30g dried cranberries
                200g berries

                then i do IF till evening
                after workout i consume: 2 tablespoons of raw honey

                and my dinner is:
                120g white rice or 500g potatoes..i tried sweet potatoes yesterday but i cant eat 500g of them (tooo sweat) to get in enough calories
                around 250-300g of meat (chicken with skin..but i get a weird feeling in my head when i eat too much conventional chicken fat..too many toxins??!) or beef
                30g butter, some kind of vegtables

                during the day: 50g nuts and 500g raw milk

                all in all: around 3000 calories..maybe a bit less somtimes a bit more..on a conventional diet i would gain weight..but im losing weight

                i want to replace nuts, milk and all the carbs...but i dont know any alternative..more meat?=expensive!, more fat?=my food is already swimming in the pan! vegetables??=i could eat beans..but they are not primal!! and there are no high calorie vegetables that i know of that could add up the calories!
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                  Yeah I'm also in college and my goal is also gaining weight. Eating enough on a budget is hard, and I probably spend twice as much money as the other people living at my dorm. Nonetheless I feel it is an investment, and I have enough money saved for me to keep doing it even if it isn't sustainable compared to my income. I'll just have to make up for it when I get a job.

                  A simple calorie increase can come from pushing the eggs and meat harder. Eat 8-10 eggs instead of 5, possibly mix a can of tuna in there. For dinner eat a pound of meat instead of 250-300g. Always opt for the fattier cuts, they're cheaper and contain more cals. 10 eggs and 500g of beef is still only around 2k cals though, and the sad truth is that I can't eat the amount of squeeky clean paleo foods required to gain weight without becoming poor. I include whole milk, whipping cream, creme fraiche and organic peanut butter. I tolerate these foods with no noticeable ill effects, and they've been bodybuilding staples for 60+ years. I'm scandinavian and supposedly have superior dairy tolerance.
                  What I'm trying to get at is that you either need to spend more money or find a cheap high calorie food source that you tolerate well, be it dairy, potatoes, white rice, any nuts, a bunch of bananas, olive oil shots (the thought makes me shiver) just as long as it isnt a grain or heavily processed.


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                    Konstantin, it sounds like you might be in the carb flu. Cut the rice, potatoes, and honey. They'll extend it. You might want to cut the fruit too, at least temporarily.

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                      Ah yes, i mindblocked half your post. 2nd what everyone else wrote
                      Vitamin D - important here during the winter (either supplement or get your tan on regularly at a booth).
                      Transition period - Nothing you can do, other than get through it.
                      Sleep - 6-7 hours a day is bull. 8 hours minimum, try and make time for you to lie in your bed for 9 hours.
                      Stress - Try going outside for a while every day, a walk or something. Spend time with your friends and family. Do stuff you like.
                      Gut issues - Forget what I wrote last post LOL! Make a long term investment and fix your gut now, strict paleo meat,eggs,veggies,fruit, period. Gut inflamation is a chronic stressor that costs your body vital energy. Without proper absorption you'll just be wasting the food you throw down the hatch. Once your gut is healed you will make better use of the foods you eat, and you will probably begin to tolerate the high calorie foods better so you can ramp up the calories.


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                        Ahhh....your story is my story. For more than a decade of my life I literally felt like crap every single day all day and could lay in bed for DAYS if you let me! It sucks beyond words. I tried everything...... Don't give up, I assure you it is not normal, but it takes a lot of time and persistence to heal. I have terrible autoimmunity as well, but with these steps my arthritis is pretty much in remission and I actually have energy to live life now.

                        1. Get your vitamin D levels checked. Mine were super low and it was an important part of recovery to get my levels normalized.
                        2. Figure out if you have a sensitivity to high lectin foods. While eating primally, I did a 60 day elimination of eggs, dairy, nightshades, etc based on this website: It turns out I have a strong sensitivity to eggs and nightshades and some to dairy. I feel tons better without them.
                        3. Get your thyroid, ferritin, and B12 levels checked. I take a methyl B12 under my tongue a couple times a week. Big help for me.
                        4. Give up coffee, even decaf, for a couple months. I love coffee, but it is a big contributor to my fatigue.
                        5. Eat lots of fat.
                        6. If you have any muscle symptoms (fatigue, pain, etc) make sure you are getting adequate Magnesium and potassium.
                        7. Eat bone marrow and bone stocks. I put it in beef stew. I am not sure why, but this seems to have sped up my recovery as well. Liver is good too.

                        I am not quite normal yet, but I am darn close. Do you have any other symptoms other than fatigue?

                        Hope this helps. Don't give up....there is a light at the other end of this tunnel.
                        Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )



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                          Are you currently overweight? If so, it's very likely that you do have a sleep issue: obstructive sleep apnea. If that is the case, then you're tired all the time b/c your sleep is of poor quality.

                          Other reasons to consider:
                          insufficient selenium (or other mineral intake) affecting endocrine function
                          insufficient potassium intake (very common), affecting energy levels across the board

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                            Have you had your hormones checked? Your adrenals might be stressed. I know that cortisol is highest in the morning and goes down throughout the rest of the day, which could explain why your day gets better as it goes. Best ways to keep cortisol in check: go to sleep before midnight, find some time everyday to relax and either do nothing or something you enjoy -- just be 100% into it. It also really helps if you don't get stressed out by life's many annoyances, but that's not always something we have control over. Check out this post by Mark on something that might help during those moments.


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                              @ all: great posts!! thanks a lot!
                              @pandadude: do you think we germans have a good diary tolerance as well?
                              @jammies: to be honest: when i think about it im pretty sure im lacking vitamin d. i dont like to go out in the sun...for me direct sun is a pain in the ass :P...i dont go like , i go like..haha..

                              im not very familiar with all the vitamins..its such a complex subject that i avoided for a long time..carbs,protein,fats was all i thought of..

                              i will try some cod liver oil...(for some vitamin d and o-3 fats)...what do you think about that?

                              @chillkat: no im a bit underweight..
                              @andreareina: that was my second thought...i guess my cortisol is chronically pretty sure about you have any nutrional advice??

                              by the way: my hair has started to fall out a year ago...ALL! males in my family suffered hairloss so im kind of the moment my hair is totally alright because i use some type of tincture..but i kinda feel its related to nutrition and i would like to ditch the medicine...maybe its autoimmunity??? or the result of a high lectine intake...??
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