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Buying a side of Beef... who want's in on the other side

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  • Buying a side of Beef... who want's in on the other side

    I am not sure where to post this as I am a newb. I live in New Jersey, right outside of New York City. I am in the process of buying a side of beef from Savage Hill Cattle Co in Connecticut... I went up there a week ago, met Ryan and he took me around and showed me all his beautiful Steak with feet... The Cows are Black Angus crossbread with Wagyu(Kobe beef), grass and hay fed... left out to pasture the way they should be. The cost for a half is $5.00 per pound, hanging weight but $4.50 a pound for a whole cow. They average about 300 pounds per side hanging and about 210-225 when cut. I would like to try and save the little extra... if I can get 2 people to commit to a 1/4 each or 1 interested in the other 1/2, I would be thrilled.... Anyone interested?

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    Hey Jason,

    Where in Jersey are you? I'm in Brooklyn and might be interested in a 1/4, and my freezer (ie my mom's house) is in Fair Lawn (bergen county).


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      Frances, I'm in Bergen County =) ..... I live in Tenafly. PM me your email and we will figure it out. I think my CrossFit Coach wants a 1/4 as well so we will be good.