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Gluten free vs totally grain free

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  • Gluten free vs totally grain free

    Recently I dieted, lost weight, and was advised to add foods back in slowly watch the scaled daily to get a lead on specific foods that made me gain weight. Sure enough, as I suspected after reading the Primal Blueprint, breads are a major problem for me. However, I also discovered that gluten free wheat free products do not cause me weight gain. Anyone know why ????? Is gluten free/wheat free one step nearer to grain free?

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    Eating the grains does not bring you any health, so why eat them? When you eat something... ask 'what does this deliver to me?'

    Weight isn't the only sign of health! Keep it up, though. Going primal is a good life.

    Little Saiyan


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      Gluten proteins are by far the most problematic and should be eliminated first and foremost. However, all grains have either phytates or lectins that pass through the gut wall and prevent nutrient absorption along with sparking inflammation and autoimmune responses.

      Gluten is definitely the worst but everyone is best off eliminating most if not all grains and legumes.


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        I was gluten, corn and soy free for years before realizing that rice and sorghum weren't doing me any good. When I cut them out, cut out most simple carbs and went primal the improvement was dramatic. There are surely people out there who will not see the kind of glaring difference that I did, but that doesn't mean it is, in general, the best idea. As they say, your mileage may vary. I haven't excluded dairy, which some who post on this board would say is heresy. You have to decide for yourself whether those foods are worth their relatively empty calories.