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Meat/Vegetable ratio?

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  • Meat/Vegetable ratio?

    Hi all, Gina here. Newbie, 51, going through menopause (fun!). Trying to figure out what to eat.

    I've already gleaned that my husband and I should be eating a whole lot more vegetables than we were eating. But is there an ideal meat-to-vegetable ratio we should be targeting?

    Also, is there a thread here where people post recipes or meal ideas?

    Thanks Paleo peeps!
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    There's a whole section of the forum with recipes!
    Ideally, (and this is in the standard Primal, no tweaks world), the majority (volume wise) of what you eat should be vegetation of some sort. I usually aim for 1/2- 2/3 of my plate/ bowl being veggies, visually. Calorically, the majority of what you eat will be fat.
    Ex.: When I do spaghetti, I use zucchini noodles instead of pasta. For myself, it's generally, 1 large zucchini, 3-5 tbsp butter, 1/2-1 c cooked down spag sauce and 1/3- 1/2 lb Italian sausage. Bam, mostly veggies.
    Ex.: when I do curry, I put it over slightly wilted spinach. Bam, mostly veggies.
    Ex.: When we do steak, I have salad in what used to be my cereal bowls, and half plate of sauteed veggies, and steak. Bam, mostly veggies.
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      There's no one thread for recipes and meal ideas, but there's a sub-forum.

      Click on forum and it's the fourth one down: Primal Blueprint Recipes


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        If you do it by calories it is heavily bias towards meat. By volume, my plate is 1/3 protien 2/3 veggies. Your plate size will vary depending on your goals :P
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          naiadknight really summed it up the basics.

          My personal approach is to eat meat to meet my protein needs (most people need between .5 and 1 gram per pound of lean body mass; I shoot for around .8), and then just eat enough vegetables and fat to feel nice and satisfied. Sometimes, vegetables are only 50% of the meal by volume, like when I add 4 oz broccoli to my 2-3 egg omelet. Sometimes, it is most of the meal by volume, like when I have a salad that is about 5 cups spinach and avocado with 1 cup shrimp. I suspect it's pretty hard to overdo it on non-starchy vegetables.
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