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    DCKMB- Thank you! I completely forgot! I'm glad somebody's on top of things. You rock.

    Well it's obvious I'm not on the Survival wagon today since I forgot about it. I'm sure my carbs are below 50 as that's how I've been generally living lately. No IF today and there were certainly carbs (lots of squash to finish up.)

    Since I'm produce-ridden right now, I'm gonna sit this one out. You girls do great and I'll be cheerin' ya on. Maybe I'll jump in later in the week.


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      Okay I had dinner, lamb chops with hollandaise! Yum! And there's some leftover hollandaise for my eggs in the morning too

      So full dinner was lamb chops with hollandaise, another tablespoon of coconut butter, and 2 pieces of bacon.

      Workout: Rock climbing was so much fun! It's an incredible full body workout, and it's totally primal because you can only do it for maybe 20 minutes before your muscles are screaming. I also walked at lunch, then walked the dogs after dinner for a total of 75 minutes walking today.

      And now I'm going to watch tv and knit

      Total carbs today: 29

      You are what you eat,
      and what you eat eats too - Michael Pollan


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        Diana- enjoy that produce! The only produce I have now is canned green beans. Had to throw out my remaining broccoli cuz it was moldy.

        hannah- is the hollandaise recipe one that's floating around here somewhere? That sounds delish with pork chops.

        Carb total for today is 37. DH is clinging to 49- don't know if he's going to make it through the evening though- lol! He ate yogurt and a protein bar earlier not realizing how many carbs those have so I told him he could only have meat for the rest of the night. He's scrounging around here pulling crap out of the cupboards asking How many carbs is this? and this? and this? I think this will be very eye opening for him.

        Season premiere of House tonight!


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          Aw man, DH just informed me he's at 92 carbs instead of 49. Well that's still good for first attempt.


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            Hey that's not the worst! Think about a typical day for him, I'll bet it is way over 300 (I know my hubby used to consume at least 150 carbs in drinks...he is a drink-aholic, he hates water...). Anywho...the hollandaise recipe is at FlyNavyWife's real blog: It is pretty easy, and turned out really well! I put too much lemon, but next time it will be perfect It's just butter, egg yolk, and lemon juice!

            Alright, time for bed. I'll plan out my Tuesday in the morning

            You are what you eat,
            and what you eat eats too - Michael Pollan


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              Sofi and I went out this weekend for a mom's night out, and planned to have a survival week of our own this week, so we'll fit right in. We're doing:

              1. No alcohol, nut products, chocolate.

              2. Monday, Tuesday, Friday as carnivore days.

              3. Wednesday as our first big IF (last meal dinner on Tuesday, until dinner on Wednesday).

              4. Regular primal day on Thursday (with exceptions in No. 1)

              B: bacon and eggs

              S: coffee with coconut milk

              L: bowl o' sausage. LOL. I felt kinda funny sitting there eating just breakfast sausage, but it was TASTY, and I was full afterward!

              D: Grilled chicken with pat o' butter on top. Side of three pieces of bacon (I made cobb salad for DH and Kylie, so that worked well). Confession: I "taste-tested" one of the primal-ish biscuits I made for DH. OK, not taste tested, b/c I ate the whole thing. Not so carnivorous of me...


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                Okay I am going to post here as well. I am leaning on Wendy to help me do a primal challenge week, my first ever. Even though I have been primal for over 3 months now, I have never fasted for more than one meal, nor have I ever had all carnivore days. I recorded my daily food intake on Fitday just a few days ago for the first time. I guess I have been slow to challenge myself. Or scared or something.

                Wendy, and we were not going to have cheese/dairy on the carnivore days, right? But coconut products were okay, right?

                B: eggs, bacon, sausage (had a few bites of daughter's spinach and cheese omelet too).

                L: baked chicken wings

                D: ground beef and pork (I was making eggplant parm w/ spaghetti sauce and removed the meat for myself before adding in veggies/tomatoes). I guess I didn't remove very much, cuz I was still hungry, so I had a snack.

                S: egg, 1 sausage, 1 bacon

                Okay, I am not hungry, but I feel weird, like kinda craving something. Like I feel a little wobbly or weak? An apple would really hit the spot. And I had to take something for heartburn! My first challenge day was NOT a piece of cake, but it wasn't too bad either. It was bearable. I just hope i don't go nuts (literally and figuratively) when I go back to normal primal eating! I am already looking forward to having my fruit and nuts and veggies back in my life. Like a big treat ahead!

                Oh and I must confess, I had a bite of family's dinner to taste it, one raspberry, 2 macadamia nuts, and one primal cheese cracker that Wendy made (those were AWESOME Wendy! Maya loved them!)


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                  Hey Sofia! When I did my first few carnivore days it was like going through carb withdrawal all over again, although less intense. I was usually between 50-75 carbs even before carnivore days, so pretty low, but I would get these weird headaches the first few times. They don't happen anymore, and I eat considerably fewer carbs on a regular basis now. I'm usually below 50 every day, and usually closer to 20-30.

                  Tuesday plan:

                  B: 3 eggs cooked in bacon fat, 3 pieces of bacon, 1 tablespoon almond butter

                  L: 8 oz Bison meatloaf (made with eggs and spices) with 1 tablespoon organic ketchup (finally used the last of it today, now I can make my own!)

                  D: Hanger steak, not sure how much yet. Probably 6-8 oz.

                  So it's a very near carnivore day, just added the almond butter and ketchup

                  Workout: 45 minutes of walking, maybe bodyweight exercises later.

                  Preliminary carb count: 7 grams, but the fat/protein ratio is 56%/42%, so I need way more fat today...don't know what I'll add in yet.

                  You are what you eat,
                  and what you eat eats too - Michael Pollan


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                    I made a pizza crust from califlour and cheese last night and it was SO good, I felt guilty eating it!

                    Tuesday's plan-

                    breakfast- 2 eggs, 4 strips bacon

                    lunch- salad with 1/2 avocado, italian dressing

                    Dinner- leftover "pizza"

                    Carbs: 34 grams

                    I was going to try to IF breakfast this morning but I was starving for some reason!!! I will see how hungry I am at lunchtime, maybe I can skip lunch.

                    I have a boot camp class tonight, taught by the author of New Rules of Lifting for Women, so I am excited about that!


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                      Sofi, sorry you felt weird last night. Did you try some tea? I find that the peppermint tea really helps me on the carnivore and IF days. Kind of soothing, refreshing, etc. and I feel like I'm having something even though it's basically just water. Also, if you took the meds for your ear infection, that could definitely throw you off. If you keep feeling that weird, you might go back to normal primal while you take the meds for a few days and then start over on the challenge -- or do it net week. I think I'm going to do this each week until Hawaii!!

                      So far today I have had sausage, coffee with coconut milk. I don't have a plan yet for lunch but am thinking about going to get some cornish game hens for dinner. Saw a recipe by Rachel Ray a few months ago with a balsamic glazed, butterflied cornish game hen that looked really good and I've been wanting to try that.

                      Need to avoid popcorn while at movie with Kylie and my dad today. Maybe a baggie o' bacon will help. And gum.

                      WO: Jillian shred video. hopefully a walk.

                      I think I am back down to my previous low for the past month (had drifted upward about two pounds last week) so I'm pleased with that


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                        So, last night I made the Pina Colada Pork chops from Joyful Abode's (FlyNavyWife) recipe.

                        1. I started a fire.

                        2. I ran out of Cauliflower and had to grate up some zucchini to supplement (the boys SCARFED up all of this concoction BEFORE their meat).

                        After that, I went nuts. I ate pears, an orange some strawberries and then made a type of pear custard with almond flour and butter crust. I had two helpings.

                        My throat hurts again, just like when I was on my deathbed LAST Monday and I am achy and tired.

                        I am now fasting for the day while I drink Echinacea & 'Throat Coat' Tea.

                        How am I reinfected with this crud again???

                        I plan on fasting all day and then doing a gallbladder/ liver cleanse tonight, since my stomach will be empty anyway.

                        This sucks.


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                          Holy cow I packed in the carbs when I got home....

                          Everything I wrote already was good, I just added:

                          Dinner: 8oz hanger steak (so good rare , 2 more tablespoons of almond butter while I was cooking, and 2 coconut bars (the "primal energy bars" but modified). Total of 22 carbs for the almond butter and coconut bars! Yowza! But I don't add any sugar to either one, or sweetener for that matter, so it's mostly from nuts and coconut.

                          I was still pretty hungry though, with the added almond butter and coconut bars I'm still only at 1,666 calories. That's not too bad for a non-exercise day (45 mins of walking is just normal), so I'll try and really listen to my body the rest of the evening to know if I'm still hungry.

                          Total carb count today, 31. Not terrible, but higher than I wanted.

                          You are what you eat,
                          and what you eat eats too - Michael Pollan


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                            hey hey party people- late posting today, it's been insanely busy.

                            eggs, canadian bacon, coconut oil, seafood salad from CPK, apple, almonds, cornish game hen

                            Be at about 35 carbs when it's all said and done.

                            Some kind of hike for exercise when I get home from work.


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                              Hi there! I'm joining Survival Week to get myself back on track! I started going Primal/Paleo on August first and have gained about 5 lbs. I think it was due to too much fruit and nuts in the beginning. I CrossFit and those workouts were making me crazy hungry as well.

                              I went to Boston this weekend and destroyed cream 3 days in a row! So Sunday night around 8pm was my last meal until this morning at about 11am. I wanted to do a 48hr fast but that just wasn't happening.

                              B - 1/4 cup oatmeal - I know this is bad but I had to grab what I could

                              S - Walnuts

                              L - Big salad with a hard boiled egg, a little chicken and a ton of veggies

                              D - bacon and eggs! My hot chocolate concoction which is a cup of unsweetened almond milk and a teaspon of 100% dark cocoa powder

                              Carbs - 37

                              Went to a spinning/weight interval class tonight which was awesome because I was able to keep my heart rate lower than it usually is in spin class...around 80%


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                                I've eaten an entire box of fresh dates, a mutton burger, beer batter onion rings, three bananas and a porkchop. Survival week was officially screwed with the onset of a cold and the subsequent 'feeling sorry for myself' eating binge. GO ME!

                                Although I must admit. When I go of the track it's for all the glorious things....haha.

                                Back on track tomorrow!